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Many Ways Of Maintaining Beautiful Nails

I have being working on nails and getting to know many new ways of making the nails look outstanding for any occasion or every day wear.

Ideas For Nail Art Desing


Manicure And Nail Polish

A good manicure is the base of a good nail preparation for the nail polish or art design to last longer than if the nail is not clean well.

Many Ways Of Making The Nails Look Good.

1 The color in style is good to know. The color to get is according to the time we are in. Valentines Day Pink and red is a good color. Saint Patrick Day green is a good color. On the fourth of July blue red and white are good colors. Halloween orange, black and other colors for the occasion are good. Thanksgiving any fall soft colors are good. Christmas colors are red tones and glitter to welcome the new year. On other occasions for parties like weddings and birthdays parties the colors most go with the clothes to wear.

A Good Tool To Have For The Nails


How To Use The Electric Drill

It is good to remove the gel nail polish. The toes sharp and strong nails can be smooth by using the drill with one of the files from the kit.

Regular Nail dryer

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Applying Nail Gel Polish.

Gel nail polish drys when it is dry with the UV LED Lamp. Gel nails are fabulous because the gel nail polish does not come out easier and protects the nail bed. It is a strong polish that when it is time to remove it. The electric drill will remove the polish. There are also gel nail strips. Gel nail strips do not require a UV LED lamp.

All About Nails


Regular polish

Acrylic Nails

Clear Nails

Gel Nails

Art Nails

Tip nails

Glitter Nails

French Nails

The most beautiful natural nails

Nail Art

When adding rhinestone and cristal to the nail. The nail glue is best to keep the art on the nail. After nails are done. Gloves are recommended for house shores.

Recommendations For Nails

1 The nail does not break if the nail is filed from the corner to the middle.

2 a cotton ball completely immersed in nail polish remover will take the color off faster when it is left on top of the nail for a few seconds instead of wiping them.

3 The nails stay stronger if the hands are washed with soap and water after taking off the polish.

4 The cuticle oil is good for stronger nails.

5 Eating nutritious food is good for healthy nails. Some nutritious foods are fruit, vegetables, meats, fish, grains, dairy, legumes, nuts, and seeds. Some people are allergic to some food. Those who are allergic be careful when eating some foods.


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