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How to Make Crochet Patterns

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Have You Ever Wanted to Make Your Own Crochet Patterns?

It is not as difficult as you may think. Crochet patterns can be custom created to fit any space in your home, from a shelf to a rug, creating a pattern just the right size can be done using something called gauge.

In crochet, gauge measure the number of stitches per square inch. Below are step by step instructions for creating a template, measuring your gauge and making your own crochet pattern.

I used custom crochet in this photo to crochet the green doily that is exactly the width of the shelf.

Photo by HSSchulte


Measure Your Gauge

The first step to creating your own custom crochet project is to measure your gauge of your crochet stitches. For example, say you are using double crochet stitches with worsted weight cotton yarn and a size J crochet hook to complete your desired look. Make a swatch of the stitches using the yarn to be used for the project and the hook to be used for the project. The swatch should be approximately 3 inches by 3 inches.


In the example above, using rows of double crochets, each row might measure 1/2 inch high. If this is the case, we know that for every inch of height desired in our finished project, we must crochet 2 rows.


In the example above, let's say we found that each inch of double crochets was 3 stitches wide. For each inch in width of our project, we must crochet 3 stitches across.

Making the Croceht Pattern Template

Making the Croceht Pattern Template

Make a Template

Make a template for your crochet pattern. In the photo I am doing this by tracing the outline of my toilet seat. I then added one inch to the perimeter of the seat and cut out the template.

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Your Own Crochet Pattern Template

Your Own Crochet Pattern Template

Mapping Out the Pattern on the Template

So, here is the pattern template. Using a ruler and the example given above rows of stitches would be marked each 1/2 an inch. Lay the ruler across the template and make a hash mark at 1/2 inch continuing down the cardboard cut out. once you have each 1/2 inch marked. Draw the rows across the cut out template. Label them from the top down ... row 1, row 2, etc.

Now that the rows are marked horizontally, and 1/2 inch high each, section off the rows to find the number of stitches in each row. Above we learned that 3 stitches equal one inch, so we will mark off 1 inch segments across. Each square across the template equals 3 stitches. Count the number of squares across take it times 3. For partial squares at the edges estimate the number of stitches. For example 1/3 a square would equal 1 stitch. Beside each row number, write the total number of stitches in the row.

Custom Crochet Pattern

Custom Crochet Pattern

Crocheting the Pattern

To alter the width of the rows the person crocheting must have the knowledge of how to decrease and increase stitch. If you do not know how to do this, check out this tutorial.

How to Make a Decrease Stitch when Double Crocheting

As the pattern is crocheted, increase or decrease stitch to end with the correct number of stitches per row. Increase and decrease stitches should always be added equally to each end of a crocheted row.

For example, if you just finished a row of 21 stitches and the next row was 23 stitches when making that row you would increase stitch two times. To keep the pattern equally balanced, 1 increase stitch would be made at the end of each row, for a total of two in the row.

Finished Crochet Pattern

Finished Crochet Pattern

Finished Crochet Pattern

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cooksalot on August 28, 2012:

Nice lens. I have a pile of patterns just scribbled on scraps of paper. This will be handy information.

Sara Duggan from California on January 25, 2011:

This is a very simple way of explaining this - thanks for the tutorial You've been blessed by a RocketMom SquidAngel.

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