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Mona Lisa Becoming Lucydner

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Let it be known that the appreciation of arts is one of the little things that discern us from mere animals.

The Mona Lisa, currently sitting in the Louvre.

The Mona Lisa, currently sitting in the Louvre.

The Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa. The most viewed, most sung about, most written about, most parodied work of art and the best known work of art in the world.

Painted by the Italian artist, Leonardo da Vinci, it took him supposedly thirteen years to create The Mona Lisa. The painting was of the model, Lisa Gheradini, a woman from a noble and aristocratic family wife of Francesco del Giocondo, a silk and cloth merchant. It was painted from 1503 during the Italian Renaissance and finished long after then in 1517.

Leonardo da Vinci also painted other famous works of art like Virgin of the Rocks, Saint Jerome in the Wilderness and the unfinished Adoration of the Magi. The Italian artist had and has been a source of inspiration to a lot of creative minds over the centuries even other aspects that has nothing to do with painting.

Olawale Ololade Moshood. A 20-year old Nigeria photographer.

Olawale Ololade Moshood. A 20-year old Nigeria photographer.



Creating The Lucydner

A 20-year old Nigerian photographer, Olawale Ololade Mashood, recreated the Mona Lisa with a black model. The Mona Lisa has of course been recreated over the years but the precision of his work is amazing. His working name is Ladetive.

He used a black model by the name LUCYDNER which in turn became a name for the painting. He said it took him six to ten hours of shoot and three days of photoshopping to achieve the LUCYDNER.

He said he was not a fan of recreations but the Mona Lisa was so irresistible when its idea came to recreate the LUCYDNER.

When asked what attracted him to the Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, he said he had always been a great fan of Da Vinci from his young age when he watched the Da Vinci's Demons and he was attracted to the Mona Lisa through Kendrick Lamar and Lil Wayne's song by the same name; those of you who are fans of Lil Wayne and Kendrick Lamar will relate better.

I asked if due to the situation about the black race we are currently facing, he was making a statement using a black model, he said, "Personally I'm not the type to lay emphasis on skin color even I though I love working with darker skin tones as I find it easier to work with. But apart from that, I wasn't making a statement I was simply creating what came to my mind."

"Mona Lisa was created by Da Vinci a long time ago LUCYNDER was created by Ladetive recently. They are so same definitely because they both creative and intentional about their creation," is the difference and similarity between the two creations.

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The LUCYDNER is available in prints and the starting price is at 200 dollars each.

Other Works

Olawale said he is not a big fan of recreations but if inspiration strikes him again or he sees an irresistible artwork like The Mona Lisa again, he will surely recreate. He loves his work to be from fresh, brand new and his own ideas.

Olawale says and I quote, "Photography is my medium of bringing my ideas and my thoughts to life."

He has also done some other amazing photographs that will blow your mind.

I have added his business link here;

Other works


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