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Leaf Printing

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Leaf is a beautiful creation of God Almighty. He has made leaves with beautiful veiny patterns. Each one is different from the other. Here we will learn how to make leaf prints so that we are able to transform all the beautiful leaf designs and vein designs on a paper.

Things you need

  • Leaves of different shapes and sizes
  • Water poster paints
  • 12 number brush
  • Thick white sheet or cardboard
  • Black pointed marker

What to make

Decide what work you have to do with this printing. This may be used to make greeting cards or a flower in which the petals are printed by leaves.

Getting started

On a leaf, apply three water/poster colours. These three colours have to be in contrast. Like if you want to give a bluish effect, take blue, green and mauve. If you like to have your leaf printed in red colour scheme, take red, yellow and orange.

Now apply these paints on the leaves after diluting the colour with water. Now please do as I tell you:

First of all, out of three paints, make two or three strokes with the first paint.

Then make few strokes on the leaf with the second paint. And do the same with the third shade. Use a broad brush of 12 number for this purpose.

You will have to keep two things in your mind:

  • The paint should be applied on the very side of the leaf where the veins are prominent.
  • If you have made a stroke on the leaf with one paint, the second shade should not be applied over the first one but beside the previously applied shade.
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As soon as you paint the leaves, put the painted side on the paper sheet and gently press it with your hands. After a few seconds, lift the leaf. You will see that the design of the veins is printed on the paper.

You will see that at some places the leaf is not printed. But don't worry, it makes no difference.


Let the paint dry completely. After it dries take a black marker and carefully make its outline. Also make outline of those portions where the leaf is not printed properly.


  • Apply the paint in excess quantity on the leaf.
  • Never use thin paper for leaf printing, it will become soggy and will tear soon.

You can make greeting cards and the cover of books with leaf printing. It's an interesting task, isn't it? So go ahead!


suhita on August 26, 2010:

it was great , i was just searching for nursery classroom activities and its really interesting and nice

diya on November 03, 2009:

wow! thats really great..i am really going to try this...

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