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My autobiographical, photographic art exhibit "Le Femme Mystique" (The Mystical Woman).

PERSONALLY, I could use a mental, emotional, physical and personal vacation after working for years; I love the novel 'The DaVinci Code';

Dolled Up Pink-

A 'rag doll' (not);light colors of the rainbow, though :) Bibi Luzarraga.

A 'rag doll' (not);light colors of the rainbow, though :) Bibi Luzarraga.

Everything is Love and Love is Everything;

Via this photographic collection, I attempt to remind everyone that the ultimate Universal Truth is that Divine Love is Everything and Everything is Love;

The underlying message in this composition is that love and sexual energy are healthy, emotional expressions that nurture the human Soul.


Love is Everything and Everything is Love;

[July 2005AD] My photographic collection, Le Femme Mystique, is inspired by today's society of its own secret obsession of finding love (and sex) over the Internet on blind-date type of websites. After personally researching the topic for two years, art imitates life through the glimpse of a digital camera lens and simple graphic design;

Some of these images were emailed via the Internet to men whom sent a 'friend request' so to speak, whom were seeking a relationship; fishnet-laced photography always seemed to cause a stirring feedback which led to this exhibit;

Love, sex, and
passion in a great relationship is not only a sign of trust and excitement; love, sex and passion are to be honored within a relationship and quite celebrated rather than exploited as
offensive nudity that is unfortunately portrayed by pornographic websites;

This exploitation has affected every Internet user with a bombardment of
fem-bots, viruses, and spam from pornographic websites;

Love and sex are beautiful and passionate, not shameful and dirty. Each one of us is driven by
Love and Passion to feel alive and to succeed;

When the Spirit is fueled by these emotions, it functions at a higher optimal level. From relationships; to work, when we feel passionate about people and projects, we don't feel
burdened, frustrated, or trapped;

When we work in Love, as opposed to
living in Fear, work no longer feels like work because the Soul is happy and
fulfilled. When we are in Love with another Soul or Spirit, their combined energies dance
together in a new, awakened energy :).


POSSESSION! This image has become my favorite (NOT!);

Believe it or not, I entitled this self-portrait photograph "POSSESSION" fourteen (14) years ago; a self-fulfilling prophecy, I must confess-BibiLuzarraga!

Believe it or not, I entitled this self-portrait photograph "POSSESSION" fourteen (14) years ago; a self-fulfilling prophecy, I must confess-BibiLuzarraga!

Now immediately, times Infinity, times three (3) squared, I wish, hope and pray that my true Inner Self as an Artist is recognized;

— .

Over 450 people appeared to the exhibit on a Saturday night at 8:00pm ;)

The Gallery Manager of Gallery Art was most supportive of my collection which is entitled "La Femme Mystique," spoke with me that night at the opening and told me, "Bibi, I stopped counting when over 450 people came to see your exhibit tonight;" And replied, "Do I look worried";

This exhibit was completely funded by me alone; to do so, I bought many cases of Argentinian champagne, plastic fluted glasses in which to serve the champagne and asked my cousin to find someone whom could help him tend bar (which he volunteered to do and asked his pretty sister and her friend to help him;)

Two tall, rented barstands which were lined in black vinyl. One barstand offered Argentinian champagne while the other barstand served chocolate martinis which were garnished with a Hershey's kiss in plastic martini glasses. The chocolate martini vodka liquor I purchased was created by Absolut. For the exhibit, I bought six (6) liters of the delicious Absolut chocolate vodka;

To set a romantic and magical environment in the very large room, chocolate-strawberry scented oil burned most of the evening; as a centerpiece, I had purchased an inviting mound of ripe, fresh strawberries;

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In keeping with the content of my exhibit, I asked the women to wear fishnet stockings and to my surprise, they wore the fishnet hosiery:) I did not sell a piece of my ;photographs at all, however, I figured that at the very least I had exposure as a nouveau artist and had the most fun I had in many years!

A few weeks later, a gallery in Chicago named Echo Gallery sent me a proposal to exhibit my physical, personal (autobiographical) photographic collection in Chicago for four (4) months; I bubble-wrapped all of my designs and sent them via UPS parcel shipping to Chicago; no one bought my artwork at Echo Gallery either but I was happy anyway.

July 22, 2015AD-

"La Femme Mystique" photographic collection;

May be viewed on my Bibi Luzarraga Facebook profile which is filed beneath one of my personal, physical albums which is entitled "La Femme Mystique" ("The Mystical Woman").

Light vs Dark;

Aside from the photographic image below entitled "Ballerina" which encompasses the artistic technique Chiaroscuro, I used my Mac (before it mysteriously went BLANK & BLACK on its own) to graphically enhance the exact same image named Electric Blue and entitled it "Patiently Waiting", which I find rather ironic :).


Think positive, visualize and be assured that your dreams will come true THREE-FOLD, as mine will as well :).

Reversed Love;





Your ratings matter very much :)"La Femme Mystique" (The Mystical Woman).

October 24, 2017AD-Obviously, HubPages does not lend itself as a forum;

to write a gospel, therefore, I write on-line essays and blogs, from my Heart & Soul so that you know and, realize The Truth; proven well-beyond a shadow of a doubt, especially now.

February 27th, 2018AD: The Holy Grail:

March 1st, 2018AD: Perhaps akin to the Inverted Pyramid;

Over fifteen (15) years have passed since I photographed the autobiographical composition of "La Femme Mystique (The Mystical Woman)", and after knowing so much now about the Holy, Sacred & Divine Feminine of The Christ as well as The Inverted Pyramid and Triangle, I have seriously pondered the true reason for why I was drawn to produce the composition in the first place when I was thirty-three (33) years of age.

© 2014 Consuelo De Bilbao Luzarraga aka Bibi

THE Holy Grail was never a cup nor a chalice nor a Spirit, albeit a true HUMAN being-BibiLuzarraga.

Consuelo De Bilbao Luzarraga aka Bibi (author) from Doral, FL (Greater Miami) on September 10, 2015:

If you would like to HELP me out, perhaps purchasing a few prints of my artwork, please let me know; thank you sincerely--BibiLuzarraga.

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