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Knitting It Up

new to knitting so I have some progress bits and how I found my projects.


During lock down I, like many people needed something to occupy myself. My solution to this was to take up knitting. Something I have not done in over 30 years – since I was about 10.

So having forgotten how to do it I used online tutorials just to relearn the basics such as casting on, knit stitch, purl stitch and casting off I practised these with some string I had lying around my flat then having got some confidence in what I was doing set about ordering some proper yarn to knit my first project which was a scarf.

I have not given the patterns here as they are from other people and would be covered by copyright

Rib Stitch Scarf

Well here it is my first attempt at knitting something after 30 years of not picking up my needles. It was a simple closed rib stitch pattern which just had a two row repeat. The yarn I chose was Caron simply soft which is a medium yarn made from 100% acrylic. It knitted up well, I was able to keep my tension and the yarn did not split. I kept knitting until it was a little over 60” in length which took under one ball with the 42 stitches I had cast on (any even number will do). As for my needles they were 25 cm long 5 mm needles. These worked well with the yarn as there was not too much grip between the two.

I made a few errors when knitting such as wrapping the yarn the wrong way round the needle resulting in twisted stitches but as it was for myself I wasn’t going to fuss too much about that.

The scarf is nice and soft and should keep the chill out during the winter.

Rib stitch scarf

simple rib stitch scarf

simple rib stitch scarf

Basic Stockinette stitch

After a chat with my brother he made, probably jokingly, a suggestion that I knit a scarf for him and my nephews for Christmas so I agreed.

I set about my next scarves for my nephews. For these I decided to go fairly simple and just do stockinette stitch where you knit every row. This makes it fairly easy to do and is perfect TV watching knitting.

For these I used Cygnet bulky yarns. Now my nephews like bright colours so one was done in green the other in orange. I will admit the orange was a little brighter that I thought it would be but still it is definitely orange. The yarn is 100% acrylic and, more importantly for young children, it is machine washable. Here I uses 25cm long 6 mm plastic needles. I had a little issue here as I found there was a little too much grip between the yarn and needles but the yarn did not split so it went quite well. I added a little fancy boarder by always slipping the first stich purl wise and then knitting the rest of the row.

These were knitted to 40” in length and again one ball of yarn was more than enough for these.

Diagonal Chevron Scarf

OK now came my brothers scarf. Having got more confidence I took on something a bit more challenging and took on a pattern with a 16 row repeat. I could only cope with this laid out as a tick sheet by having it written on paper and use of a row counter.

For this I used a medium Schachenmayr Trachtenwolle yarn in black which is 63% wool and 37% acrylic. I was not a fan of knitting with this as I found it to be a little rough on my fingers as I was working the stitches but the finished item is much softer. Just like with my first scarf I went for my 25 cm long 5 mm aluminium needles. The needles worked well and to finish the scarf to almost 70” took almost two balls of this yarn.

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The look of the finished item is a diagonal chevron pattern which in this dark yarn is not very visible, which was a disappointment. I think a paler colour would show this off better.

Diagonal Chevron Scarf

diagonal chevron scarf

diagonal chevron scarf

close up to show pattern

close up to show pattern

Flag Stitch Scarf

My fifth scarf is one for my sister in law and I went for a 6 row repeat pattern to give what is known as flag stich. Well after that 16 row one I wanted something a little less taxing. I still wrote the pattern down and then followed it by moving an envelope down to underline each row as I was knitting it.

Here I used a yarn from James C Brett which was chunky and 20% wool 80% acrylic. I do not think this particular yarn is currently available. As it was a chunky weight yarn I had to go back to my plastic 6 mm needles. However, this time there was less grip between the yarn and the needles so that little bit of wool must have helped. The yarn knitted well and has resulted in a nice soft scarf. To get it to a little over 60” has taken under two balls of the yarn for a cast on of 29 stitches (pattern asked for multiple of 7 plus one extra).

Flag Stitch Scarf

flag stitch scarf which is still in progress. It has been folded and needle is at the top of the work

flag stitch scarf which is still in progress. It has been folded and needle is at the top of the work

Loom knitting

So I recently bought a set of circular looms to do some hats on as they looked so much easier than doing them in the round.

I like using them as they are faster than needles but it looks like patten choice is limited. Still I was able to knit a premie baby hat in under an hour on them so this will be how I will use up my left over yarn then donate them to my local neonatal unit.

Next Steps

I am looking to move onto hats and blankets in the near future and will keep both my blog and this hub updated as I progress. Whether I move onto jumpers etc I do not yet know.

Blankets and new stitches

Been a while but I have done a couple of corner down blankets involving the kfb (knit front and back) stitch on every row on the first half so I have become quite good at that one.

Also I have been trying the knit with yarn in front stitch which adds a yarn over as well as the knit stitch.

Recently I have experimented with the feather and fan pattern and I have been knitting yet another scarf using it.

Further knitting bits will apear in seperate hubs

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