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Knitting Scrappy Socks

My love for sock knitting has just grown by leaps and bounds ! I am obsessed with My new found love for knitting scrappy socks


Waste Not Want Not

My new found joy!

I am having so much fun taking different balls of bits and pieces of yarn that is leftover from previous socks that I have knit...

This is such a great project to use up all those odds and ends..Although having said that I never run out of of them , my scrap basket just keeps growing..But I am not mad about that. In fact it makes me very happy to know that each of these little bits of treasure will eventually make its way into another fun and exciting pair of socks,each pair different than the last...It gives me great pleasure to cast on a new pair...I am saving money and always have something to knit.

It really is quite addictive !!!

A few pair of Scrappy Socks

A few pair of Scrappy Socks

Acquiring Scraps Of Sock Yarn

Most of my little balls of scrap yarn have been acquired from socks that I have previously knit using new skeins of yarn. Some are from swaps that I have participated in and I have also bought mini skeins for different Etsy vendors. My favorite purchase being a 28 pack of Opal minis.. With each mini being 10 grams of goodness..

Scrappy sock knitting has become so popular that almost all of my favorite places to purchase sock yarn now also offer a pretty good selection of minis for purchase as well.

Okay well I confess...Shhh it's a secret ..I have been known to steal a few grams of yarn from a brand new skein of yarn that I have recently purchased..Hey but it is my yarn I can steal if I want to ..A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do...No rules ...It is not cheating is it ?

There are some vendors who also have Advent Sock Events..The sock yarn for this usually has a certain amount of yarn ..EXAMPLE: say you get twelve different minis being 10 grams each.....Each mini will be wrapped separately and numbered . Then in December you will start knitting your advent scrappy sock ..Each day you will open one of the little packages and knit with the yarn of the day...By the time you have opened up and knit all of the yarn packages of the day you will have a new pair of scrappy socks to wear on Christmas Day.. How fun is that?

Well it sounds so much fun that I have decided to create my own advent scrappy sock kit...My thought is if I wrap up twelve packages of yarn and number them 1-12 by the time December rolls around I will have forgotten what is in each package, so it will still be a random surprise....I plan to start on the first day of December...Although I will only have 12 days accounted for it gives me room to miss a day or so..I never know for certain what each day will bring and if I will have the time to knit or not... I like to hold my plans loosely and not feel pressured

What do you think?

A basket full of Leftovers


Opal Mini's


To Match Or Mis-Match

Some like their socks to match.....But with scrappy it doesn't really matter

I find that if I think to much about it then I tend to try and match the colors.

Most of the time I will pick one color or ball of yarn for my cuffs heels and toes..and the the leg and foot will have an assortment of scraps that I will stripe . Sometimes the stripes will be ten rounds for each scrappy ball, other times it will be five rounds. There are no set rules. just do what you want , in the end they all look great and are fun to wear.

Another fun thing to do is throw several balls of scraps into a paper bag , reach in and grab a ball without looking and knit..You get what you get and will be quite surprised at the result of your scrappy sock

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So You Want To Knit Scrappy Socks

So you want to knit scrappy socks..Come on say you do ..I know you want to..Who wouldn't want to?

Oh horror of horrors you say..If I knit scrappy socks then I have to weave in all those loose ends...That thought is enough to turn anyone away...

But Fear Not..there are many ways around that.

Please watch the video below to see my favorite way to join in the new yarn...

How to do Cate's Clasp Weft Join

This is how I join in my new colors and I love it.. A quick and clever way to join in a new scrap of yarn.I will never have to weave in those loose ends again...Ain't got time for that !...Instead of weaving in loose ends and I can now get on with more knitting....I am always so excited to cast on a new pair...

Another pair finished

This pair of scrappies reminds me of an Indian Blanket..

I chose mostly greens for this pair..The cuff, heel and toe is a solid green..from each scrap I knit ten rounds . The vanilla sock pattern with a FLK heel and toe.

Green Scrappies


How to do Cate's Clasp Weft Join for knitting

Plain Vanilla Sock Pattern

Scrappy socks can be knit in whatever manner you wish.

My favored method is plain vanilla socks using the magic loop method .

I find just plain and simple works for me since I am introducing so many different colors and patterns of yarn... Mindless knitting works well for me when watching television or taking them with me on a road trip ,waiting in the Doctors office etc., then I do not need to be constantly try to read and or follow a pattern..But knitting in a simple pattern would work as well.

Swapping Yarn

My favored style of knitting socks is magic loop...I use these knitting needles to do so .They are a little pricey but well worth the investment..These are the

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Faythe Payne (author) from USA on May 21, 2021:

Thank you !

Lynsey Hart from Lanarkshire on March 16, 2021:

Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

Nan Hewitt from Albany, Western Australia on March 15, 2021:

I loved the technique you showed for joining yarn. I haven't knitted any socks yet but love the idea of socks as a way to use leftover yarn.

Bronwen Scott-Branagan from Victoria, Australia on March 09, 2021:

What a great idea! I love it.

Rachel L Alba from Every Day Cooking and Baking on March 09, 2021:

I used to knit slippers made of scrap yarn pieces like you did with these socks. I don't anymore because I don't have the patience for it anymore or the sharp eyesight. Your socks look so warm and comfy.

Blessings to you.

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