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Knitted Halloween Cat (With Pattern)

I have been knitting for over 50 years and love to share this wonderful, relaxing and therapeutic craft with others.

Completed Halloween Cat

Completed Halloween Cat

Completed Halloween Cat

DIY Dolls Make Great Halloween Crafts

Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without A black cat right? They are depicted in most Halloween stories and pictures at this time of the year. So how could I make a black cat look distinctly Halloween?

Well here he is and looking very proud of himself if I may say so. Halloween Cat is sporting A pumpkin on his tummy and the cutest facial features, he looks all set to join the coolest Halloween party in the village.

By following the pattern below you too can have your own Halloween cat in no time.

Instructional videos are also included.

How To Do the Knit Stitch

How To Do the Purl Stitch

Necessary Materials (Knitted Halloween Cat)

  • Black double-knit yarn. Approx 50g
  • A small amount of burnt orange double knit yarn
  • A small amount of green double-knit yarn
  • A small amount of grey double-knit yarn
  • Cotton sewing thread, matching pumpkin colour
  • 1 pair of 3 mm knitting needles
  • 2 x 3 mm double pointed knitting needles (Dpn’s)
  • Toy filling
  • A darning needle

Useful Information To Read Before You Begin

Leave long yarn tails on your cast on/off pieces as they are the best/strongest way to sew up.

Use glass/plastic head pins to practice placing eyes before stitching.

When sewing in the eyes, nose & mouth, tie a single knot into the end of the yarn leaving a 2 cm tail.

Starting at the back of the head, push the needle through to the front at the point where you want to place the features, pull until the knot & tail disappear & sew as required. If a little of the tail still shows, then pull it gently & carefully snip with scissors close to the body.

Frequently check your photos for placement tips.

Special Abbreviations

Ssk = Slip, slip, knit. Slip the first stitch on the left-hand needle (as if to knit it) to the right-hand needle without knitting it.

Do the same with the next stitch.

Insert the left-hand needle into the front loops of these two stitches – left to right.

Wrap the yarn in the usual way around the right-hand needle & knit the 2 slipped stitches together. You have completed 1 ssk.

KFB – Knit into the front & back of a stitch.

The Body

Using 3 mm knitting needles & colour black cast on 40 stitches (sts)

Stocking stitch (ss) 45 rows.

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Cast off.

Making Up the Body

Sew side seam together using back stitch (with right sides together) or mattress stitch (with wrong sides together).

With wrong side facing & seam at centre back, over sew bottom end (it does not matter which end) together. Turn right side out and fill with toy filling.

Over sew top end together. You now have a small pillow shape ready to add the character.

The Ears (Make Four Pieces)

With 3 mm knitting needles & colour orange, cast on 8 stitches

Stocking stitch 2 rows

Row 3. Ssk, knit to last 2 stitches, k 2 tog = 6 stitches

Row 4. Purl to end

Row 5. Same as row 3 = 4 stitches

Row 6. Purl to end

Row 7. Same as row 3 = 2 stitches

R0w 8. P 2 tog. Bind off.

Making Up the Ears

With 2 right sides together, sew along the two slanted sides of the ear. Turn right side out and over sew the bottom of the ear around the corner on top of the cat’s head. Do the same with the second one.

The Arms (Make Two)

With 3 mm knitting needles & using colour black, cast on 8 stitches.

Garter stitch 2 rows.

Starting with a knit row stocking stitch 4 rows.

Change to colour orange & carrying colour A up the side.

Starting with a knit row stocking stitch 6 rows.

Cut the orange yarn, leaving a tail & change back to colour black.

Starting with a knit row stocking stitch 10 rows.

Garter stitch 3 rows then cast off.

Making Up the Arms

With wrong sides together – fold the cast on edge towards the cast-off edge, stopping 2 rows under the final 3 garter stitch rows. One side of the arm will be a bit longer than the other.

Using your tail ends - Over sew neatly along both side seams.

Lightly fill with toy filling. Using the picture on the front of your pattern as a guide, position arms and sew in place. The shorter side of the arm should face forwards. The longer side of the arm should sit to the back as the tab helps the arms to sit snugger to the body. I use the garter stitch rows on the front and back of the arms to sew along as your stitches will be hardly noticeable.

The Feet (Make Two)

With 3 mm knitting needles and colour black, cast on 10 stitches.

Garter stitch 2 rows.

Starting with a knit row stocking stitch 20 rows.

Garter stitch the next 3 rows.

Starting with a purl row stocking stitch 12 rows.

Cast off.

Making Up the Feet

With the wrong side facing you, fold the cast on edge towards the second lot of garter stitch rows stopping two rows below. Over sew side seams together.

Tightly roll the last 12 rows back until you come to the second lot of garter stitch rows and sew in place. This is the heel of the shoe and helps your toy to stand up.

Lightly stuff the front of the shoe. Pin and sew in place using the second lot of garter stitch rows to sew along the base of the body and the first lot of garter stitch rows to sew the front to the body. Use your pattern picture as a guide.

I-Cord Tail

There is A video below showing you how to do this.

With your 3 mm double pointed needles & colour orange - cast on 3 stitches

Row 1. Knit 4 stitches. Do not turn your needle but push the 4 stitches to the other end.

Row 2. Pull yarn firmly & Knit 3 stitches. Push the 3 stitches to the end of the needle. Note how the yarn carries across the back of you work. That’s good, it’s supposed to, and it’s what gives its tubular shape.

Remember to pull yarn firmly at the beginning of each row.

Do this for a further 4 rows. Break off orange yarn & join colour black.

Work for as long as you would like your cat tail, I did 25 rows. Cast off.

Attach firmly & neatly to the back of your Halloween Cat.

How To Make A Knitted I-Cord

I-Cord Pumpkin

To make the pumpkin knit a 2 stitch I-cord for 70 rows in colour orange.

Change to colour green and continue for 5 more rows. Cast off.

Attaching the I-Cord Pumpkin

Fold the I-cord in a tight spiral and at the same time sew some invisible stitches with your matching cotton thread to secure the spiral. Leave the green stem free.

With a length of black yarn threaded in your darning needle stitch two pumpkin eyes and a mouth on to the pumpkin spiral. Check photos for guidance.

Attach the pumpkin to the Halloween Cats body using invisible stitches.

The Face

With your length of grey yarn thread your darning needle and stitch the cats face in place. See Useful Information To Read Before You Begin at the top of this article.

I stitched two crosses for the eyes, three straight lines on top of each other for the nose and four straight lines next to each other for the mouth.

Refer to the photo at the top of the page for placement guidance.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 Sue Creftor

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