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Knitted Toy Lamb And Other Free Patterns

Knitting Toys

Knitting toys is so much fun, and watching the face of the little one that receives the treasure is just priceless.

There are so many free patterns available, from sweet little baby dolls to ferocious dinosaurs.

By following the links you will be able to find the pattern and create these fun toys and accessories for boys, girls and babies...

Cuddly Knit Toys

Toys To Knit

Knit Toy Lamb

Anyone that knits loves a knitted toy lamb, both to have and to knit. Boucle yarn is used for the body and the curly topknot are perfect for creating that woolly look. The legs are constructed of I-cords stuffed with straws, very clever, this will allow the lamb to stand on its own. His thoughtful expression and his curly mop of hair are my favorite features. Knit one for your favorite child and another for your favorite knitter—they’ll both love it.

Peppa Pig

This adorable Peppa Pig toy will put a smile on the face of any little one - and you'll love it too!

Fat Robin.

Is just to cute...This fat robin is resting on her nest, waiting for her little chickies to hatch. Moma Robin is sitting on three pretty blue eggs. How sweet is that ? And just in time for spring.

The instructions to knit Fat Robin, her nest and her eggs can be found at: Ralvery

Satin Topsy Turvy Doll

This sweet little doll has a special surprise - flip her over to find out she's two dolls in one! Shown in Bernat Satin..So Sweet And Adorable..Who could resist.

Barbie Clothes

Dressing Barbie

We can't forget Barbie

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Is it possible to have to many barbie clothes? NO, at least not when I was playing with Barbie Doll's , that was the most fun..I loved dressing her, and changing her..the more the better..

This adorable Cruise outfit will sure to please , a pretty little dress , with hat and purse.

Barbie Basic Tube Dress: This is a great pattern to teach a new knitter how to work with double-pointed needles: it's quickly done, and you have something useful when you're finished!

What a great and fun way to dress Barbie in her finest...Any little girl will be proud to show off Barbie in an outfit that was made especially for her.

American Girl Doll Clothes


American Girl

American Girl Doll Clothes Or other 18" dolls

Dressed for an outing..Ready for a picnic a trip to the park or beach.

Just in time for summer! Why not Knit a cute summer outfit for a favorite American Girl doll or any 18 inch doll, this pattern even includes an adorable pair of sandals. You can also make a handbag that can double as a beach bag!

Fun to knit in your favorite summer colors

A Sweet Sweater

Sock Yarn Sweater

I love this adorable sweater made from left over self stripping sock yarn.

The design is very simple. It can be made from sock yarn remnants, and produces a beautiful sweater with a most unique design.

If you enjoy making doll clothes, you will truly enjoy seeing the pattern develop on this sweater as you knit.

Self Sriping Sock Yarn

American Girl doll knitting patterns. Designer: Malfrid Gausel

About Video

Concerning the video ....American Girl Doll Knitting Patterns, Designer : Malfrid Gausel

I wish I could say the patterns were included..But alas they are not,,and I have no idea how they can be obtained or if they are even available ..however, Having said that, ..the doll clothes shown on this video are absolutely amazing , And I thought you would enjoy seeing them just the same..


Knitting Toys

Knitty Witty Dinosaurs


Knitting Dinosaurs

These little creatures might look ferocious, but really, they are as cuddly as a teddy bear. These little dinosaurs are ideal for any little boy who secretly likes soft toys but wants something a bit more macho to play with.

A ferocious dinosaur for you favorite little man

Brontosaurus..A long neck dinosaur.....

Baby Triceratop

Stegosaurus... This mighty stegosaurus is great for keeping little ones cozy at night.

T Rex.......This squishy T-Rex is both menacing and lovable. Raaar!

Little Lamb Sock Critter Knit Along

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Cannot see the actual the sheep!

Faythe Payne (author) from USA on April 22, 2013:

hawaiianodysseus..You should definitely put it on your bucket list...a great and fun hobby and past time..

Faythe Payne (author) from USA on April 22, 2013:

Thank you Lesley Daunt..I hope your niece will find it useful

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I passed this on to my niece! she loves knitting and actually makes great gifts. voted up and interesting!

Hawaiian Odysseus from Southeast Washington state on April 21, 2013:

You have me thinking that this knitting business might just make its way on my bucket list. I like Peppa Pig and that cool-looking hedgehog! Thanks for sharing! Aloha!


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