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Inspirational Designs

My God Is an Awesome God

This is our Zazle product.

This is our Zazle product.

Inspirational Designs

Some people write for a purpose, as is the case in sending a message. Other people write for the satisfaction of accomplishment. Still others write for profit. The same three purposes guide what products one might create on a site like Zazzle or CreateSpace. These three purposes need not be mutually exclusive, rather work by an artist or writer can accomplish all three of the above. True, sending a message of inspiration is more important than making a small commission for a sale, but one need not deny that profit.

Inspirational Images

I have a few images that I have all rights to use, and have incorporated them into Zazzle products under an Inspirational store category.

One image is crepuscular rays, those bright beams of sunlight that extend from behind a cloud. As the sun reflects from the particles in the atmosphere from a point where the sun is hidden from direct view, is not there an allegory to be made with God enlightening us from an obscured viewpoint?

Another image I have used is a mountain stream. Water washed the wickedness from the earth in the time of Noah, and God uses water as a spiritual washing in Baptism. Rushing water can be a powerful image of God washing away evil.

The third set of images are of a distant mountain in all of their majesty reflecting, albeit imperfectly, the perfect majesty of God.

Finally, I have chosen an impressive sunset image to reinforce the message given in a short poem.


This is our own wording as well as our image.

This is our own wording as well as our image.

Both image and wording are our own.

Both image and wording are our own.

The Messages

While inspirational images are powerful by themselves, when coupled with a short but significant message they can really inspire. I have written two short poems which I have used in conjunction with the images. I know not how I created these two poetic sayings, since poetry is not my forte. I had to create a Zazzle product line to publicize them. To them I have added a few other sayings that are not so original, but used frequently. It is sometimes not the image, not the saying, but the combination of the two that makes the point, and hopefully these will be found as such.

Poem 1

The message I use with my sunset image is:

God paints in watercolors

On His ever changing

Canvas of the sky

In hues most splendid.

Poem 2

The words I use with the inspiring crepuscular rays are:

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Seeking God the Father

Being led by the Son

Guided by the Spirit

The Three of Them are One

Other Sayings

The other sayings I have used are:

Glory to God,

Glory to God in all His works (mountains),


My God is an awesome God,

among others.

These work best when coupled with the images.

The Products

In working with an inspirational line, I recommend being tasteful. These sayings are inappropriate on some items. CafePress, for example, has underwear, and inspiring messages about God do not belong on such products. There is nothing wrong with underwear, but it is not, in my opinion, the pace to mention God. Zazzle is adding products regularly, and there is no telling when such products will first appear on Zazzle as well.

Finding the Products

The images alone, and the images with the wording, exist for many products, including coffee mugs that can accompany you during the day and lift your spirits, tee shirts, key chains, magnets, and many others. Below is a link to my Zazzle page inspirational category. Please visit. Even if you do not buy, having the products viewed and hopefully providing an uplift is a success by itself. And even better is if you are inspired to make such a product line, especially if you are a better poet than I.

Rushing Water Magnet

Mountain Stream

Mountain Stream

Inspirational Tote Bag

Another inspirational product from Back Spaniel Gallery.

Another inspirational product from Back Spaniel Gallery.


Blackspaniel1 (author) on February 12, 2015:

If you join Zazzle you can sell other people's items as well as sell your own.

Mary Hyatt from Florida on February 12, 2015:

I have heard so much about Zazzle, so I'm really curious. I will check out your link. I like your ideas for the items.

Blackspaniel1 (author) on January 26, 2015:

Thanks. I am getting used to Hubpages. It is a little different from Squidoo. This one was tricky to bring over.

Cynthia Sylvestermouse from United States on January 26, 2015:

These designs are all beautiful. The coffee mugs would be a great way to start the morning with a simply reminder of who is truly in control.

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