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ISLAMIC SEWING - Butterfly / Shoulder Abaya

Make one at home :) Butterfly/Shoulder Abaya

How many of our sisters living in the West has tried to find an everyday Abaya something comfortable and affordable.

yes we can buy from the store if we are lucky enough to have one within reach or our other option is to purchase online... all very well if you want something extra special but for everyday wear they are usually quite expensive and not usually in the styles or colours i really like , and very rarely do they fit properly i nearly always end up making alterations sooo........

why not make your own.

I know many sisters enjoy enjoy sewing and by doing so we have the added benefits of saving money , having something that fits well and that you can embellish easily yourself making it an original creation if you so wish.

I also like the idea of being able to make my own from my own choice of fabric and in my favourite colour... what about a hijab and or niqab to match . EASY when you know how.

Butterfly/shoulder style Abaya



• With arms at the sides, have someone measure from one wrist to the other going across the back of the shoulders.
• Purchase twice this amount of 60" inch wide fabric.
• Fold the left and right edges so that they meet in the center.
• Pin in several places to hold the fabric in place.
• Referring to the diagram: Cut a V-neck in the top layer of fabric.
• Stitch the seam line across the top.
• At the upper left and right corners, cut openings for your hands.
• The center seam of the abayah may be closed in several ways:
1. The easiest thing to do is simply stitch the entire seam all the way up to the neck.
2. You could also stitch from the bottom, half-way up, then insert a long zipper, or even several snaps or velcro.
• Cut the bottom of the abayah, large and round.
• Finish the neck opening, and cuffs with satin ribbon or bias binding.
• Hem the bottom.

Using an overlocker on all the seams gives a very professional finish.

don't forget to leave an overlap of approximately 1 inch on each edge of center front seam if an open Abaya is required this is necessary for attaching buttons and button holes, zips or snap fasteners.

If a closed front Abaya is required then an overlap of approximately 1/2 is sufficient for the seam allowance necessary.

sequins,lace, beads, embroidery , ribbon or any other decoration can be added to the neckline, cuffs and about 4 ins from the hem.

If an open fronted Abaya is made decoration can carry down both sides of the front panel... where ever you wish.

It is entirely up to the individual in the choice of material, i particularly like the drape of crepe or silk.

Cotton is very durable... really anything that will fall and drape nicely is suitable.

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Have fun sisters inshallah

please leave any comments as i would love to know how it worked out for you.. For the Arabic translation you can also contact me via my facebook ... sisters only please.. :


mumtaz on March 22, 2015:

I loved your butterfly abbaya pattern, I will appreciate if u can help me to get stunning abbaya patterns, or if u can tell me where I can get it from jazakallah

Zahraa on December 28, 2013:

JazakAllah khyr for posting this :)

muslima61 (author) from manchester UK on September 02, 2013:

assalamu alaikum .. i will have a try .. never made a video before .. but there is always a first .. inshaa'Allah..

maryam on February 19, 2013:

salam alaykum sister

can u make this into a video on youtube plzzzzzzz,i luv this style very much:)

Ukhit Nailla on October 25, 2011:

salaam alaykum sisters, i found this website which has really everyday affordable abayas,

muslima61 (author) from manchester UK on September 27, 2011:

the Arabic translation can be found on my facebook notes..jazakAllah..

muslima61 (author) from manchester UK on June 24, 2011:

Hi sister Marya i cannot type arabic into these pages as it has to be written in english, but if you send me your email, i shall forward the arabic translation for you.. inshAllah.

Marya on February 02, 2011:

Please if u can write it in arabic languge how can i make it thanks realy nice

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