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How to Make Origami Shuriken (Ninja Throwing Knife)

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Teaching small children should be fun and relaxing. Enjoy yourself being a teacher who has a smile on your face all the time!

Ninja Shuriken


Origami Folding Tips

Origami folding is a fun way to concentrate yourself and manage your patient. You need to pay attention for details and if you do not do the right way, you will not be able to create correctly. If you could not make the way you wanted, do not worry, you can try again. Simply open the paper unfold and start again. If you think it is too much folded lines, use new origami paper or iron the paper to make it flat. (Please be careful when you use the iron. If the origami paper material is made of plastic, it will melt. And if the temperature is too high, the paper might get ruined. Safety is the most important. You should always pay attention while you iron.) Once you master basic origami folding techniques, you can create your own design. It is just a paper and it is unlimited possibility to create anything.

Ninja and Shuriken

I would like to show you how to fold Ninja Shuriken today. It looks like a star, but it is a weapon for Ninja. Ninja was an occupation and works like Spy with Ninjyutsu. Ninjutsu means skills and tactics to fight, hide and run away quick include martial arts. Shuriken is a sharp knife shaped like a star. Ninja used Shuriken to protect themselves. Their job is getting information from enemies without getting known. Ninja also called Shinobi. Shinobi means secret, quiet and patient.

Please enjoy using the step by step instruction or the video to create the Ninja Shuriken.

How to make Origami Ninja Shuriken

You will need 2 pieces of Origami.

1: Fold in half.

2: Fold in half again vertically. It will be 1/4 th of original size.

3: Fold the corner diagonally. The each paper should be folded opposite side. Please see the picture.

4: Fold the middle looks like twisted. Please see the picture.

5: Place the one of the piece on top of the other piece. It should be pointed tips on the same direction. Please see the picture.

6: Then fold the pointed tip to the middle and put the tip into the opening like the picture.

7: Repeat the motion both-side. You need to fold the tip into the middle 4 times total. 2 times each side.

It might be a little tricky to make the shape in the beginning, but when you make one, you will get the idea. Use as decoration, give it to a child who like to play as Ninja. It is up to you.

Please print out the step by step instruction and enjoy folding the Ninja Shuriken.

by emimemo

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How to make Origami Ninja Shuriken


Jake Frost from London, United Kingdom on November 25, 2013:

Just checking out the page on my mobile, I'm not sure how it would have looked with the spaces, but now it looks great.

Good job! Gonna check out some more of your hubs

Jake Frost from London, United Kingdom on November 25, 2013:

Ah yes of course. Well thank you for taking my advice into account, perhaps you may have some suggestions for me on some of my hubs.

emimemo (author) from USA on November 25, 2013:

JakeFrost: I left the images like that so people can print out all the images as an instruction. But you are right. It was looks not completed. Your opinion counts. Thank you.

Jake Frost from London, United Kingdom on November 25, 2013:

Oh wow, excellent. It just gets rid of the 'half-done' look, do you notice the difference? If it looked better to you before then just ignore me (knit-picking) but just my opinion.

emimemo (author) from USA on November 25, 2013:

JakeFrost: Thank you for your comment again. I have changed the images to thumbnails.

Jake Frost from London, United Kingdom on November 25, 2013:

Another fantastic idea, I gave origami a go last year and have been looking to start again.

One pointer - your hub looks half-empty. It's just the positioning, perhaps add some more text along the left side or put all the images into one slide show, as I scroll down I'm just seeing white space on one side. Nothing about the hub or information, that's great - as always - just I think you could change the layout a bit to work in your favour.

? on April 21, 2012:


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