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How to Get Inspired For Your Next Art Project

Tantowi grew up drawing and designing. Now she makes videos for a living and loves every second of it.


Artists, painters, sculptors. We all get in these ruts and feel stuck or uninspired. And to find inspiration can sometimes feel just as difficult as creating art. I know that feeling myself. It gets to feeling like you will never be able to create anything new again. Everything starts to look the same and you feel sort of stuck in a creative rut. I've been there of course, and all artists go through this period at some point. But it's not forever, and I'm here to tell you how you can get inspired again and keep coming up with new ideas straight from your imagination to your painting board or your canvas or sculpture medium!

Make art more often.

The ability to inspire others is one of the most important skills a person can have. Art gives people a way to express themselves and connect with others. It can help people overcome their fears, build confidence, find purpose and connect with others. It's important to remember that creating art is often just a way to pass the time; some people don't consider it an important part of their life after they finish it. But inspiration isn't something you should stop when you're done; keep using it to get inspired for future events and products. You’ve probably heard of exactly how to start that creative process staring at a blank piece of paper, choosing a topic, and dropping everything, and starting over. But doing those things takes an enormous amount of willpower. And the tougher it is, the more likely you are to give up before you even get started. That’s where inspiration comes in. The act of choosing an idea and imagining yourself creating it can trigger a surge of motivation that makes the rest of the task seem less daunting. The key is to find things that inspire you, even if they seem unrelated to the art project you are currently working on. Just because you’ve been thinking about doing something doesn't mean it is not a big mistake to start.

Take inspiration from inspiring people.

Doing something you love is often enough to make you excited about following its completion. The same is true for starting an art project. You can start by looking at what others have done well. The best way to learn how to be inspiring is to look at what people who are doing well are inspiring others to do. Inspiration is a tricky thing to pull from. It comes in waves, sometimes crashing over your head at once. It can come from anything: a book you've just opened, a conversation you've started, something in the environment around you. Sometimes inspiration hits you like a bolt from the blue; other times it takes a while to come.

Work on your next art project in a different way.

The best way to get motivated for an art project is to look at others who have successfully completed similar projects. Learning from others who have accomplished great things can help you discover new ways to approach your own art projects. It can also help motivate you when things get tough. When things are going bad, it's easy to get discouraged. But remember, there are three steps to becoming an artist: inspiration phase, determination phase, and personal development phase. While motivation will always be available, doing something creative is easier said than done. It takes practice, perseverance, and inspiration. The key is to identify your inspiration.

People who get a lot done are usually just doing it differently than everyone else. Try new things and think outside the box.

Inspiration is the ability to find solutions to problems. We all have them, whether it's looking at a new painting or hearing new ideas in a friend's talk. When we're inspired, it's usually a good thing. It can give us a new perspective or help us solve a problem we've been facing. Everyone experiences inspiration, but not everyone does it in the same way. Some people think inspiration comes when they close their eyes and see something beautiful. Others find it when they goal for something big and achieve it. There's no right or wrong answer when it comes to how you should go about getting inspired - just focus on getting outside your comfort zone and seeing what happens.

Find your own style and techniques.

Pick a method that works for you. It could be something you’ve done before, something that’s fun and you like trying new things with, or something that’s been sitting in your back pocket for a while but is now giving you that fresh perspective. Apply the method and see how much better your results are. You might start with a small thing – like re-doing an old piece of work or creating a new piece from nothing, creating something simple, and using color alone to tell your story. From there, you can start expanding your palette and exploring new art practices.

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Most creative people, at the very beginning of their career struggle with finding suitable inspiration for their art. The ideas are there but the actions to execute them are few. Inspiration is essential for your art to be original and authentic. Without it, you can get stuck imitating others' work and business will likely fail.

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