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How to draw a witch hat

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It's October, and that means only one thing. Halloween is approaching us! Personally, October is probably my most favorite month of the year. I really get in to the spirit of Halloween by creating decorations and best of all, creating Halloween themed art.

Although the month has just begun, I have already started making some spooky art today and I really have been anticipating sharing this and everything else I have made with you all. In today's hub, I will show you how to draw a pointy witch's hat for Halloween. If you like to make little decorations or just want to create something in par with Halloween, I highly suggest you read the tutorial below.

The level of difficulty for this tutorial is low and pretty much anyone of all ages should have no problem completing this drawing. Be sure to get a good pencil and a blank sheet of paper ready. :)


Step 1

For this tutorial, we will be drawing a witch's hat that is slightly curled at the end. It's not going to just point up like a normal "pointy hat". I wanted this hat to have some elegant character to it.

In this first step, start off by drawing the top of the hat. Draw the very tip of the witch's hat up to where the curl in the hat will begin.

How to Draw Halloween Things!


Step 2

Obviously, I have drawn a curly line at the tip of the hat. Almost like a hook if you may. After you draw the hook curl of the hat, draw the other side of the hat down to where the base of the hat will be.

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Step 3

Next, draw a line at the bottom of the hat you have so far. This is where the brim of the witch hat will begin.


Step 4

A witch hat usually has a very wide brim that sits far over the head. That could be why I like the overall look of witch hats. Very mysterious and elegant in its own way!

Draw your wide brim similar to that shown here.


Step 5

Now, draw a strap for the buckle on the hat, sort of like a pilgrim's hat.


Step 6

lastly, draw in the buckle on the strap. That completes this hub's tutorial and you should have a very stylish and unique looking draw of a witch hat. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and you can certainly count on many more Halloween themed tutorials this month! :3

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