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How to draw a simple pumpkin

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This is another special Halloween inspired drawing tutorial provided by yours truly. So as you all know, Halloween is approaching and children love to color holiday themed pictures. Maybe you're considering making a coloring book for a younger child or maybe you want to teach a child how to draw a simple pumpkin just for fun. Well look no further!

I will be guiding you through the simple process of drawing a very nice looking pumpkin. Although I won't be providing any coloring steps for this, I will leave it up to you to color it whichever way you'd like in the end. Continue reading below to get started. :)


Step 1

Draw the beginnings of the pumpkin's outline. Just two lines spread far apart form one another.


Step 2

Begin drawing the ribs/creases on the pumpkin. Notice that a pumpkin will consist of many vertical lines all across it. Draw a line in the center and two more on either side of your outline.


Step 3

Draw in the rest of the crease lines on your pumpkin.


Step 4

The pumpkin still doesn't have a top or base yet as you can see. First, we will begin by drawing the top of the pumpkin. The top is usually a bit lumpy looking, as is the bottom. Simply round off the lines. They will have an appearance of "scrunching" up somewhat.

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Step 5

This is very similar to step 4 but this applies to base part of the pumpkin. Draw it similar to how the top portion was drawn in the previous step.


Step 6

Draw an outline at the top of the pumpkin that will resemble a stem.


Step 7

These last two steps focus on the detail of both the stem and the pumpkin. My stem has several neat lines going downward from the top.


Step 8

Lastly, draw a few more fine lines around the creases. At last, you have a lovely pumpkin drawing!


I hope you enjoyed this hub. If you'd like, you may comment on your experience below. Have a happy Halloween! :)


Sonia Hentworth on March 18, 2019:

You did a very good drawing

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