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How to draw a sharp axe

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An axe (ie: ax) is a sharp blade that has been used as both a weapon for construction and killing throughout history. It can be made up of various material types such as iron, copper, steel or bronze. Apart from the history of the axe, because of it's diverse shape compared to a sword, many artists may have a bit of trouble drawing an accurate looking axe at best.

Today, I will teach you my way of drawing an axe. I created this tutorial to be as simple as possible so it shouldn't be too hard to understand. Just follow the steps and imagery below to produce a similar drawings as the one above. Proceed to the first step when you are ready. :)


Step 1

First, we will start by working on the head of the axe first. Draw the top of the axe. Not a straight line, but one that is slightly curved and sinks in a bit in the middle.


Step 2

The line below the top one represents the bottom portion of the axe. This part is even more curved than the previous line and it will bend in the opposite direction (south).


Step 3

See that in the previous step, the two parts weren't connecting to one another? Well, we are going to connect the two parts by drawing the butt and heel section of the axe which would be the back. The back is much smaller and not as sharp and pointy as the front.

The front is where the blade and the toe will be. The blade will appear very sharp and somewhat rounded and the toe is very pointy.


Step 4

Next, draw the lining of the toe. An axe will usually have a silver lining close to the front of the axe.


Step 5

Now that we have finished drawing the head of the axe, we will now move on to the handle. The handle is usually made of wood and is usually very slender in the middle.

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Step 6

From the top of the handle, draw all the way down past the belly. The end part is what is known as the throat. The spot where the user holds is called the grip. We will be drawing these parts in the next step.


Step 7

As mentioned above, we will draw the belly and the grip of the axe handle in this step. This is very easy to do, just refer to the example image on the right to get an idea of what the grip should look like.


Step 8

Lastly, fill in the handle with a wood-like texture. Simply draw vertical lines up and down the handle of the axe to create a wood effect. After that, you should be finished!

I suggest coloring the axe with prisma color pencils or in Photoshop if you have the knowledge. Other than that, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Happy drawing! :)

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Turtle Beast on October 05, 2017:

pretty cool

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turtle on March 16, 2017:

i like it

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it is amazing

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