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How to draw a mushroom

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Shawnte is an elementary school science educator and illustrator who studies various life cycles of animals.

Hi again! I have another interesting and simple tutorial hub for today. Today's hub will be about drawing mushrooms. More specifically, a spotted mushroom. I tried to break this tutorial down as simply as I could to make it easy for anyone to follow.

I have been anticipating this tutorial for a while and I'm really glad that I can finally put it up here. Be sure you have a pencil and a sheet of paper handy before getting started!


Step 1

To start, we are going to begin drawing the cap of our mushroom. The mushroom cap is the large, disk-shaped part that sits at the top of the mushroom stalk.


Step 2

I wanted this mushroom to look a bit magical and mystical. Instead of making the mushroom top completely round and flat, I gave it a bit of character by making it asymmetrical. One side is larger and curvier than the other. Get creative with this if you wish!


Step 3

After you finish drawing the upper and lower part of your mushroom cap, it's time to move on to the stalk portion of the plant. The stalk is somewhat easy to draw, it's pretty much straight up and down with slight curve to it (optional). Don't worry about making the mushroom completely straight, it wouldn't be very realistic or appealing that way!

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Step 4

In this next step, will add some gills to the bottom of our mushroom cap. This is personally my favorite part of drawing a mushroom! Gills help to bring the mushroom to life. It's amazing what adding gills to the drawing can do.

It's starting to look like a mushroom at this point. Last step!


Step 5

Now, add spots/speckles to the mushroom cap. Basically, draw circles all around the cap as shown here. After you are finished with doing that, it is finished!



As always, I really enjoy adding color to my finished sketches. I recommend that you use a medium of choice for coloring in your mushroom and other drawings at the end. If you are in to digital art, I personally recommend the following two programs for coloring! :)


Iris Hopp from Belgium on May 28, 2020:

You could put this on a t-shirt for nature lovers

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