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How to draw a fire hydrant

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I know it's been a while since i've done one of these but I have a pretty big compilation of these that I will be posting here on hubpages. I have a lot of tutorials I would like to share with you all soon so just sit tight and check back frequently!

Today, I will be showing you how to draw a fire hydrant pencil drawing. If you use a tablet pen, this tutorial also will work the same as well. Please be sure to have all of your supplies ready. That means have your pencil ready, a good eraser and of course, a blank sheet of drawing paper. If you're drawing this digitally, be sure you have your tablet set up and what not. Now, you should be ready to begin!


Step 1

As you can see, I simply drew in the top portion of the fire hydrant, also known as a nut. The small round-ish part at the very top of it.


Step 2

After we are finished drawing the nut of he fire hydrant, move on to the weather cap and bonnet portion. I see why they call it, a weather cap, kinda looks like a hat to me.

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Step 3

Now, we will move on to the barrel (body) portion. The barrel is shaped somewhat like a tube, length depending on how long you want it to be. The barrel I have drawn for this tutorial is short. As you can see, I have also extended to the foot piece on this step as well, which as at the base of the barrel.

Drawing Supplies


Step 4

Now on this step, all I have done here was draw the beginning part little handle-like pieces on the side in the middle section of the barrel. This should be a fairly easy step.


Step 5

Here on step 5, I have finished with the handle parts.


Step 5

Here we are! At the last step. This step should be pretty self explanatory. You just draw vertical lines from bottom to top, first starting with the bonnet. The lines on the bonnet will curve outward more as the bonnet is somewhat circular in shape. Next, move on to the barrel and draw straight, vertical lines going down the barrel.

And that's it! You've got yourself a dandy looking fire hydrant! If you enjoyed this tutorial, please pass this on to friends and loved ones and let them have a go at this. :)

Tutorial Difficulty

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