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How to Crochet a Granny Square Throw. Part I

Granny squares; not just a scrap-craft!

The granny square has lost some of it's appeal possibly by its name alone. These squares were THE "scrap-craft" of our ancestors. In years gone by there was no such thing as throwaways. Outgrown clothes became parts of patchwork quilts or rag rugs, Yarn scraps became granny squares. Frugality (even the word is not much used now-a-days) made for ingenuity and yesteryear's techniques and samples are displayed in our museums.

The originalgranny squares were a three or four round square(round means a row around the whole item), with each round in a different color and mostly the last "round" was crocheted in black. This last round being the same on all squares was called the "holding color"- one color showing consistently will give the item a feeling of unity or continuity. (More on color assembly later).

If you know how to crochet you know how to granny square. If you don't crochet yet, you'll soon master it by following Stacie's excellent HUB here

To make it easier, here is a short list of crochet abbreviations used for the squares.

ch chain

dc double crochet

rnd round ( a row around the whole item )

sl slip stitch


( ) Brackets show that a group of stitches which are enclosed are to be repeated the number of times stated, in the same location.

* *Asterisks show that the segment enclosed is to be repeated the number of times stated.


The basic square is easy enough for all beginners

-even the ones that are all thumbs. How about

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making a practice square with me right now;

(I follow instructions best by doing

them step by step) work it as follows:

  • Ch4, join with a slip stitch to form a ring.
  • Rnd 1: Ch3 for the first dc, 2dc in ring,

ch2 for corner, (3dc in ring, ch2) 3 times;

join by slip stitch to top of starting ch.

at this point if you pull at the corners

slightly you should see the square


  • Rnd 2: Ch3 for first dc, turn work around,

in same sp work 2dc, ch2, 3dc [starting corner], ch1,

(in next ch-2 sp work 3dc, ch2 , 3dc, ch1) 3 times;

join by slip stitch to top of starting ch.

you can see the square is now totally

shaped and from now on it should be

easy to see what to work in which space.

  • Rnd 3: Ch3 for first dc, turn work around,

in same space work 2dc, ch1 , *in corner sp work 3dc,

2ch, 3 dc, ch1, in next 1ch sp work 3dc, ch1,* repeat

from * 3 times more; ch1, join by slip stitch to the top starting chain.

Guess what, you have just made a

Granny Square.

For larger squares, continue to work around the

piece in the established pattern. Remember as

you continue, each round will have one more 3dc

group between the corners.


At this point there is nothing stopping you from working on and on until you run out of your yarn, join on another ball and so on. This would give you a square monochromatic coverlet. This will save time not having to sew your individual granny squares together. Or you could make one colored smaller squares in different shades etc. Only your imagination will limit the combinations and possibilities.

Tricks, time savers and points to consider:

-When changing color at the end of each round after the finishing slip stitch break off yarn and restart with new color in the 2chain corner space by making a slipknot on the hook, slip stitching into the 2chain corner space, chain 3 for the first double crochet. Continue on as before.

-Finishing; the squares can either be sewn or crochet together. If you have chosen for the colors to make a certain pattern you should lay it out as it needs to be on a large clear area. Once you're satisfied with the look, gather up your squares row by row, keeping them in order. Most likely you won't have enough time to assemble the whole throw in one go; so that you will keep things organized collect each stacked up row and tie them together with a twist tie or such and add a numbered label. (many years ago, my first assembly went wrong when I mixed up row number 9 with 6;since then I've been careful to dot my 6.'s and 9.'s)

Following are 5 different color suggestions while working the same crochet pattern they will give totally different looking throws or afghans each time. The color combination and placement of them is what will give these throws their simple or complex design.

  1. The traditional granny square; using all just remnant yarn, naturally of same thickness, using every color under the sun with the black as the last round of a three or four round square . This one can be quite nice as a lap coverlet or in a child's room.
  2. The traditional granny square; each of the three or four rounds a different color starting with light going out to dark, or vice versa. Using the dark to light and light to dark, alternatively when assembling will look quite striking. Again a favorite in a child room.
  3. Several different colors or shades can give an interesting 3-dimensional effect when finished(i.e. a color range from yellow to orange to red back to orange then yellow again [I'd sure hate to see this flame thrower in my house finished] but once assembled this type of color-play could be quite dramatic)
  4. One of my favorite; the two tone. Large 15 to 18 round squares in off white alternating with a light caramel crochet together in either shade. This looks quite elegant draped over the edge of a leather bound couch. This really works great if one takes the time to pick out a couple of the colors in the décor that one would like to emphasise. Maybe favorite shades from the throw cushion or drapes.
  5. I call it the 'quick throw' because the main body is made out of one big square in one color then to make the throw into a rectangle add a strip of small granny square to each end. This saves a lot of time on assembly. You'll need to make enough small squares to cover the width of the centre square twice (a strip per end). These small squares can be of many or as few shades as will fit in with your taste and décor. Here again your imagination is the only limit. To finish the throw once all is assembled it's nice to crochet a couple of rounds all around the whole cover. Perfect for a cuddly afternoon snooze or as a bedspread for the cottage too.

One more thing that needs a bit of discussion is the type of material to use. Here is when you will need to think and decide where and for what purpose your project is going to be made. If your going to be using up your remnants you have to take a quick inventory and determine; are they all the same type of yarn? (important for washing)Are they the same weight or thickness? (important as the squares have to be the same size for assembly)Are the colors wash-fast? (important if using light and dark).

As in all crochet project any type of yarn can be used it is ones preference really. For a beginner crocheter I usually suggest a smooth type of yarn such as "Knitting Worsted" or the finner "Fingering".But my all time favorite is the "Chuncky" it makes for a heavier blanket, works up quick, therefore shows faster progress, which also is a push towards finishing a project. Although a throw made of the fuzzy types of yarn that are so fashionable now (Chenille,Eyelash etc.) I suggest waiting, they are a bit harder to work with,(the fuzzies tangle up easy) they can be more expensive and also are not yet available in as many shades and colors as other types of yarn. If you're so inclined and have patience, you could even make table covers in fine crochet yarn, I'm not much of a the doily person so I have not made any of them. For a friends cottage I was asked to make a really rustic looking bedspread in a neutral shade. My friends had a butcher-shop. A brainstorm, why not use butcher-twine. It looked good and was okay to work with too, and definitely rustic looking. I kept the material choice a secret. I chose the large 20 round granny square; crochet assembled them with home dyed red and navy twine. This thing became such a hit that I've had to make one for each of the beds. (The first one was made more then 15 years ago and is still going strong, although I did have to add a couple of outside rounds to them all, because they all shrunk a couple of inches for the first few washings.) I mention this only to point out that anything can be used and look great.

In the second paragraph I mentioned the original granny square. Now comesthe oxymoron there are some squares that start out as round circles, or the same technique can make a (explain this) a five or six sided granny square. Some have rosette centres, some are very loose and lacy, while others are totally solid. But those, and all other want to be squares, will have to wait to become another HUB.

Remember the old saying "Practice makes perfect" ? I'm positive it was referring to handy-work mostly.

Happy "Granny-squaring".

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Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on May 28, 2012:

Hiya JamaGenee, sorry for not answering earlier. I was away with just very little occasional internet reception. How are you? Glad you dropped in for a visit.

The granny squares seem to be making a come-back. I just watched a couple of those 'home design' shows and both had a granny aphgan thrown over the couch.

regards Zsuzsy

Joanna McKenna from Central Oklahoma on April 17, 2012:

zsuzsybee, Debbie Lewis Allen just shared this hub on Facebook, so I popped over to check it out! Due to the fact that ALL of my female relatives had some sort of needle in their hands 24/7, I have no conscious memory of any of them sat me down and taught me to crochet. I've just always known how and am always amazed that there are many who don't.

Oddly, I can't recall a single Granny Squares afghan in the family! There were tons of afghans, mostly knitted, but no Granny Squares. Seeing one in a friend's home always left me envious, but it never occurred to me to make one myself! Perhaps because I was too busy crocheting lacy doilies and small tablecloths!

As for black being the most common "connecting color", only black makes the colors in the squares really "pop". Jewel-like.

Voted up, useful and awesome! ;D

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on April 10, 2011:

Sweetsusieg, that bedspread which both your Mom and Grandma worked on will forever be a special bond to them. How awesome... I know I treasure the things my Gram and Mom made.

Browns and blues are supposedly a good match, I bet its not as bad as you think.

My 'granny' throws never really have a color scheme as I always only use up all the left over yarns from other projects for them. I always buy 2 or 3 balls of yarn more than what I think I need for a project so that means there is usually a fair bit of dif colours around for the granny throws.

Glad you dropped in

regards Zsuzsy

Sweetsusieg from Michigan on April 10, 2011:

my mother and grandmother crocheted with crochet thread making doilies and yes even bedspreads. Years ago my Mom bought all the thread but couldn't finish it so my Grandma did. I feel very fortunate to have a bedspread made by both of them, since they both have passed into the great beyond.

I am in the process of making a gawd awful afghan... LOL Well I am told the colors go well together, blues and browns... I just don't see it... But I am plugging on. It is not a 'granny square' persay but it is octagon shapes mixed in with squares.. When finished I may write a Hub about it. And put in the pattern along with photos.

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on April 10, 2011:

Sweetsusieg, thanks for stopping by. Yes, the bedspreads are gorgeous. I have been invited to a wedding at the cottage (where the bedspreads are) in the fall of this year. I will try to remember to make a few shots of them, then I'll post them here. I always made pictures of the big projects that I made over the years but unfortunately my albums were lost in the fire that destroyed my tailor shop a few years back. One of these days... I'm going to go through the cases of negatives that I have stored to see what pics are left of all my yesteryear projects

regards Zsuzsy

Sweetsusieg from Michigan on April 09, 2011:

I would LOVE to see a photo of the bedspread made out of butchers twine!! I bet it is gorgeous!!

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on March 29, 2011:

bugslady8949, thanks for taking a look. Good luck with your crochet projects.

regards Zsuzsy

bugslady8949 from The Bahamas on March 29, 2011:

This is very straight forward for someone who is new to crocheting. Keep up the good work!

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on February 06, 2011:

How To Learn, thank you for taking a look and for commenting.

regards Zsuzsy

How To Learn on February 04, 2011:

Create a matching granny square throw and pillow in the soft blue colors of denim with this granny square crochet pattern

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on December 20, 2010:

Elizabeth so glad I could be of help. If you're ever in need of "non-squares" grannies you can find it here in part two.

good luck with your project

regards Zsuzsy

Elizabeth on December 19, 2010:

I bet I looked at least 20 different sites searching for a pattern I could follow to make a basic granny square. It was not until I found your directions that I was able to succeed successfully. Thank you, Thank you!!!

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on October 15, 2010:

Hiya oliversmum, how are you? I love knitting and crochet too. Over the years I decided that if I wanted to make yarn 'wear-ables' for my family and friends it would be knitted but when it came to blankets/afghans etc for the home then it was going to be crochet. This way I can have projects going with both of these hobbies.

If this hub was helpful to you then it was well worth the time writing it. Let me know if I can be of any help.

hope you and your gang are well

kindest regards Zsuzsy

oliversmum from australia on October 14, 2010:

Zsuzsy Bee. Hi. Loved reading this hub, with so much great information.

I have just started to try to teach myself to Crochet. After Knitting for so many years, I'm finding it a huge challenge, but after reading your hub, it is making more sense. Will bookmark it, so as I can keep referring back to it.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us,it helped me a lot. :) :)

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on October 13, 2010:

jess brown thank you for taking a look and for commenting.

regards Zsuzsy

jess brown on October 13, 2010:

Good information! Here's a great website that offers FREE crochet patterns -

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on September 25, 2010:

deberon, let me know how the squares work out for you. If you have a problem just email me. The trick is just in how you set up the square in the first round.

take care

regards Zsuzsy

deberon on September 25, 2010:

Hi Zsuzsy! I am a new follower and love this particular hub (I am off to read part II next). My grandma taught me how to crochet 40+ yrs ago. I dabble now and then but I can't seem to get granny squares 'square'. I think I will take out my yarn and hooks this weekend and follow your steps! ps - I invite you to follow me on hubpages as well....

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on August 09, 2010:

Bedspreads thank you for taking a look and for commenting.

regards Zsuzsy

Bedspreads on August 09, 2010:

I just found the next project for my "homecrafts" !

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on April 26, 2010:

Alison, I just hate waste so granny squares are really the easiest and best way to use up all the left over yarns in a useful way for a throw or afhgan what-ever anyone wants to call them.

It is also a great project that can be taken to the beach. We all can use a no need to concentration type of my opinion

good luck with your project...if you have any question just ask away here

Thanks for taking a look and for commenting.

kindest regards Zsuzsy

Alison Graham from UK on April 26, 2010:

I have never done any crochet, but I feel you may have started something here - I have a few balls of wool left over from various knitting projects and with your great instructions I'll be off! Just need a crochet hook! Thanks again, look forward to reading more of your hubs.

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on March 19, 2010:

sagebrush_mama thank you for taking a look and for commenting.

I find any type of handy work therapeutic too.

Glad you came for a visit.

kindest regards Zsuzsy

sagebrush_mama from The Shadow of Death Valley...Snow Covered Mountain Views Abound! on March 19, 2010:

Fun favorite kind of blanket to crochet is a giant granny square...I've never tried piecing them together, though. I did a baby blanket a couple of times that involved putting some granny squares in at certain places, and I wasn't really satisfied with my work. Still, I may have to re-visit this approach! I love crocheting...along with gardening, it is therapeutic!

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on March 18, 2010:

Dinda Minardi thank you for taking a look and for commenting.

kindest regards Zsuzsy

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on March 18, 2010:

Jamie thank you for taking a look and for commenting. Glad that the hub is of help.

kindest regards Zsuzsy

jamiesweeney from Philadelphia, PA on March 18, 2010:

Wonderful Hub! I really enjoyed the detail you put into this hub. It really helps to see all the pictures while you are explaining so well in your writing. Thanks so much for the info!

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on February 16, 2010:

Tracy thanks for taking a look and for commenting. It's fun to crochet. I have at least one project on the go at all times.

kindest regards Zsuzsy

Tracy Monroy on February 16, 2010:

Fantastic hub! I learned how to crochet the summer of my sophomore year in high school and have been thinking about trying it again. Glad I came across your hub.

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on February 10, 2010:

Katiem2, glad to hear that the hub came in useful.

Thanks for taking a look and for commenting.

regards Zsuzsy

Katie McMurray from Ohio on February 10, 2010:

Awesome, My eleven year old wants to learn and this was SO helpful and cool, we both love it and will revisit...Peace :) katie

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on January 23, 2010:

Lovelypaper, thanks for taking a look and for commenting. Let me know how it goes.

regards Zsuzsy

Renee S from Virginia on January 23, 2010:

Great hub! I've always wanted to crochet a Granny afghan but never seemed to get the first square right. It always came out lopsided. Thanks.

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on November 22, 2009:

Money Glitch, Thanks for taking a look and for commenting. Why not try using 100% cotton yarns, those do not feel too hot when being worked. I found that in our summers here and when down in Florida I was able to crochet and knit as long as it was the cotton yarns.

kindest regards Zsuzsy

Money Glitch from Texas on November 21, 2009:

WOW, this brings back memories! I used to crochet an afghan every winter for years, and would give them away as gifts. Now that I'm in Texas it is just too hot to attempt such a task, that one thing I really miss about the winter months now...

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on October 19, 2009:

S.J. Thanks for taking a look and for commenting.

regards Zsuzsy

Sexy jonty from India on October 19, 2009:

Very well written hub .....

very much informative ......

Thank you very much for your great hub, for good advice, good wishes and support. Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us.

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on October 11, 2009:

sheryld30 thanks for taking a look and for commenting. Good luck.

regards Zsuzsy

sheryld30 from California on October 11, 2009:

This is a awesome. Thank you! Always wanted to learn. :)

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on September 14, 2009:

Georgia, thanks for coming by and for commenting.

regards Zsuzsy

Georgia Laureen on September 14, 2009:

I recently started to do crochet. I love it! Even piece you produce is unique. Especially when you work with granny squares, where the colors change from square to square.

Thanks for an informative hub!

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on September 29, 2008:

Michelle! I'm not too sure where you can find a pattern for that but you can check out these sites. It would have to be a vintage pattern I would thinkas those vest are not being worn right now. If I remember right the Golden Hands Crochet magazines used to have them. Maybe a library might have those old how-to books or magazines.

Hope these will be able to help you. Good luck

michelle marang on September 29, 2008:

I crocheted a potholder vest in the 8th grade when I was 14. It had the granny square in the middle, where can I get the pattern for a vest with that? I don't really know much about crocheting, haven't done it since the 70's. Where do i look on line for that?

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on July 08, 2008:

Gaget Girl! Thanks for taking a look. Crochet can be a nice hobby especially if its done with some great yarn.

regards Zsuzsy

Gaget Girl from UK on July 08, 2008:

I can understand how the name can mean losing its appeal! lol

However, Ive always been interested crochet even though Ive never personally tried it before!

I think after reading this, Ill definitely have to give it a go!


Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on May 17, 2008:

And everything old gets to be new again. Thanks for taking a look.

regards Zsuzsy

Karen Ellis from Central Oregon on May 16, 2008:

I must have made a million of these. These were very popular in the 60's when I was in high school - we made vests out of them too. Great fun.

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on April 30, 2008:

Sandilyn! You can make the granny square as few or as many rounds as you like. I just started on a bedspread in blue shades. I started with a rectangular "square" (check out How to crochet a granny square throw part 2). and its the continuous rows from the lightest of pale blue to a dark navy and back to light again. Hopefully this one will be for me. By the time I finish my throws someone always wants to claim them.

Thanks for visiting regards Zsuzsy

Sandilyn from Port Orange, FL on April 30, 2008:

Good hub! I was not aware of the three round granny. I have crocheted for years. My grandmother taught me when I was a child. I wish that more young people would take to the crafts instead of just electronics! They say that home made crafts are going for big prices nowadays since so few people a doing them. I am looking for a new project in crocheting. Any ideas?

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on April 16, 2008:

Tina! Thanks for coming by. I will try to remember to make a picture and post it next time I go for a visit (in the summer possibly).

regards Zsuzsy

Tina on April 16, 2008:

Do you happen to have a picture of your rustic squares? I love rustic stuff and would like to see the finished product to understand it more. My email is Tinacmt @ verizon. net (w/o spaces). Thanks!

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on April 08, 2008:

Thanks Patty! I think we've reached the peak... the fever seems to be stay lower now. It is so hard to see the little squirt in the middle of the bed with an IV attatched soooooo pale without being able to help. I appreciate the prayers.

warmest regards Zsuzsy

Patty Inglish MS from USA and Asgardia, the First Space Nation on April 08, 2008:

Just dropped by to say hello! Best thoughts and prayers for you and your family. I should make some granny squares now - lots of yarn around the house. :)

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on March 27, 2008:

Laupulear Thanks for taking a look. regards Zsuzsy

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on February 27, 2008:

Angela! Thanks for having a look. Let me know how it goes when you get to it.

regards Zsuzsy

Angela Harris from Around the USA on February 27, 2008:

I tried to crochet when I was little, but gave up. Now that I'm older and supposedly more patient, maybe I will give it another try. If so, I know where to look for great instructions!

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on February 07, 2008:

Thanks for taking a look.

regards Zsuzsy

moonlake from America on February 07, 2008:

Nice Hub enjoyed it..............

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on February 06, 2008:

Your welcome! They are a fun and easy project to take along anywhere.

regards Zsuzsy

Susan Bailey from South Yorkshire, UK on February 06, 2008:

Thanks for reminding me Zsuzsy. I'd forgotten how to do this

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on February 05, 2008:

I love to knit too...I'm the person who has a project of each type on the go...

thanks for taking a look and your comment

regards Zsuzsy

arthritiscare on February 05, 2008:

Great hub...I have never learned how to crochet...I only know how to knit. Anyone need some mittens?

Iðunn on February 05, 2008:

niterz, z. take care of self. don't know that it's louder, but I think Mary has a soft spot for moms. at any rate, it can't hurt. you don't have to be catholic. she loves you anyway. :)

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on February 05, 2008:

How could I be offended, it's nice of you, Maybe your voice is a little louder than mine...Thanks I think I'm going to hit the sack..Good night

Iðunn on February 05, 2008:

it will get better again though. and even if it doesn't, you have to look around at the people who love you, the ones you love, and the skies and grass and flowers and things they haven't "privatized" yet.

people are the best of it. money isn't everything.

you are such a nice person, zsu, I have faith something good will fall into line for you. you can call it karma or miracles, but I get them all the time, good events. sometimes the world or people making evil choices do things that make our lives worse than it has to be. but God has a way of turning all that around for the best.

If you won't be offended, I'll pray for you when I do my rosary.

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on February 05, 2008:

I know what you mean...I worked at my own tailor shop aniwhere from 70+ hours just to make ends meet...well my kids are grown now, my baby is in college so now ...what????? The building that housed my tailor shop burned to the ground all my equipment with it...not enough insurance money to replace all...I lost my home because I couldn't sucks the big one...

Iðunn on February 05, 2008:

I get like that. I think I'm not all that motivated, for one thing and for another I have a stress disorder that keeps me from staying on track. I don't do anything in a row or consistently. I think my lack of motivation actually stems from that. I tried really hard for years, spent years being underpaid in day jobs which might have taken the stress off some if they had paid enough to live on, and so forth. what I realized is that no matter how hard I tried I was going to lose anyway and just quit trying.

the america that rewards people for hard work managed to overlook me and a bunch of other widowed or divorced single moms who had to pay $900 a month day and night care for our two jobs to be allowed to have any income left to pay bills on.

I just ... quit. I stayed at nights which gave me considerably more time to spend raising my children. I had to have the night job to support the day job and it was pointless stupid and I would rather cut my throat than ever do that again, try that hard for that little on some stupid dream that hard work meant you could afford to live.

My america is dead.

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on February 05, 2008:

To tell the truth I'm not very good with this computer stuff and I'm not sure how to do all this link head is just playing stupid and it just doesn't want to comprehend.

I keep reading all the other hubbers have to say but it seems most speak a different lingo

Iðunn on February 05, 2008:

oh well, the thing about plans is that life gets in the way. I admit to enjoying life. You certainly seem to as well. :D

I rather hope you make a fair income out of this so you stay and keep doing it. You certainly should on the basis of usefulness. :)

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on February 05, 2008:

Life is like that, we never know where it will lead us and then also that stupid saying hindsight....bla blah

Iðunn on February 05, 2008:

hehe. I tell you if I knew then what I know now, I would have taken the degree in economics. I still might not have used it, but at least I would have been interested. It's my minor. I had no idea when I planned out my college program I would fall in love with econ.

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on February 05, 2008:

I have a mechanical engineering degree in drafting, and a graphic art degree and don't use neither

Iðunn on February 05, 2008:

lol when. I have done a lot of different kinds of work. I was mostly data entry for insurance, a roofer, a bingo caller, a commercial cleaner, I was in the army for a while, and I spent a fair amount of years in clubs... one of those '188 IQ pole dancers' we all keep hearing about who worked their way through college, not 188 though, but enough iq to get through college Magna cum Laude.

My degree is programming. I don't use it.

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on February 05, 2008:

Other then being a super poet what is your line of work?

Iðunn on February 05, 2008:

It's only 3 here but share your insomnia.  I worked nights for years and years and never got the hours changed back right. :o

You make good middle of the night company. :)

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on February 05, 2008:

Iðunn ! Thanks, I get too involved in crafty stuff and then I want to make everybody love things as much as I do

You are an insomniac like me here it's 4:10 AM and I'm still flip floping about


Iðunn on February 05, 2008:

I used to know how to do this a teen but it's lost somewhere now :p you have such a gift for explaining things in an easy to understand manner.

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on February 03, 2008:

Let me know if you need more help. Are you going to make a throw? I saw your scarf...looked impressive.

regards Zsuzsy

Kat07 from Tampa on February 03, 2008:

Zsuzsy, thanks for the photos! Very helpful!!!

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on January 29, 2008:

Chatterbox! Thanks for taking a look

regards Zsuzsy

Chatterbox from New York City on January 29, 2008:

Loved your granny square hub. I've made granny squares for years. I use to crochet with a group of ladies at a local senior center. We made blankets for nursing homes, etc. I haven't been there in a couple of years though, was too busy remodeling the front of our house. Then last year I took a nasty fall and broke my right arm, I'm right-handed, a compound fracture. I didn't think I'd ever crochet again, but I do. Thank God, good therapy. I haven't went back to the senior center though, cause I can't crochet for long periods of time. I must take frequent rests. I have 2 steel bars in my arm, and I'm in pain every day. I'm a fighter, and I'm sueing the store where I fell. I still crochet when I'm in the mood.

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on January 26, 2008:

C.Web! What type of items are you looking for let me know. E-mail me if you like.

regards Zsuzsy

Canadian Web from Canada on January 23, 2008:

We sell a lot of pet clothing do you make any and o you sell from anywhere but here?We are always looking for new suppliers for our stores.


Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on January 18, 2008:

Isabella! Thats great;glad to be of service. Let me know how it goes. If you need help e-mail me.

regards Zsuzsy

Isabella Snow on January 18, 2008:

Zuz - Ok, you've inspired me. I'm going to try and crochet something!

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on January 17, 2008:

I sure do remember those vests Marye. Thanks for your comment.

regards Zsuzsy

Marye Audet on January 17, 2008:

I love these...DO yu remember potholder vests? I made one for my granddaughter last year. :)

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on January 15, 2008:

Let me know if you need help.


Kat07 from Tampa on January 15, 2008:

OK, I have to sit here and put this together with Stacie's page to see if I can get one square done!!!

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on January 15, 2008:

Patty will do ! ZS

Patty Inglish MS from USA and Asgardia, the First Space Nation on January 15, 2008:

twist twist twist :) please tell me all about it

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on January 15, 2008:

Yarntales! Thanks for taking a look.

regards Zsuzsy

Zsuzsy Bee (author) from Ontario/Canada on January 15, 2008:

Thanks Patty! You're just amazing, you have some type of info for me each time. Thanks very much. I will check out ravelry (as if I needed another site to blow time on, but you forced me, quit twisting my arm, alright, alright I'll do it, just for information sake naturelly)

regards Zsuzsy

yarntales from NY on January 15, 2008:

Nice Hub! I hope that lots of new or old crocheters are inspired to get those hooks working.

Patty -- thanks for the info on ravelry

Patty Inglish MS from USA and Asgardia, the First Space Nation on January 15, 2008:

See, crafting is not dead as long as folks buh about it and give pointers.

There is a new free crafter community called, that takes a week-long wait to get into, although it's free (800 are allowed in per day). You can list all your yarn stash and projects on there, give patterns and tips, sell yarn you don't need anymore, etc. I am not a member, but I thoughr you might like to look at it. I have friends that use it and it's like a combo Facebook and Ebay. It's all over the world - a friend showed me. There are somehwre around 100,000 members.

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