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How to Be a Professional Good Photographer

I am Ashiqul Islam, a University graduate. My passion, my dream, and my passion is photography. I just like the clicking sound of my camera


Photography Tips for beginner

Photography Tips for Beginners

There is a maxim that goes into photography that an ideal image is one that requires minimal editing. There is no shortcut way to be an ideal photographer overnight. You have to follow the footsteps of your predecessors and get inspired by your forerunners. You have to fall in love with the clicking sounds of your camera. Try to be a cameraman first then try to be a good man, an ideal man, a perfect man, and whatsoever you like. Wherever you go this tiny thing should go with you. Build up a good relationship between you and your camera. Take care of your camera and the camera will take care of you. Last but not the least, practice, practice, and practice. Keep practicing a lot. Because practice makes a man perfect.

Now I am going to share some photography tips that will be helpful for the beginners.

1.Shoot everything you like and every day you prefer

Want to be a good photographer? Shoot whatever you see and whatever you feel. If you are choosy enough then use it for other purposes like eating, drinking and wearing clothes, etc. The beggar and the photographer cannot be a chooser. Just click on and on. If you don’t have any camera use your mobile phone to shoot. Because your shooting habit matters a lot in photography. The more you shoot, the more you learn.

2. Find out an image every day that inspires you.

Shoot every day using your camera. You have to try to shoot such a photo that is really good. A good photo will be a source of inspiration for you. If you shoot a huge number of photos every day, you will definitely find at least one picture of that quality. As a beginner, you should not worry too much about the quality photoshoot. At first, utilize your time properly and the time will teach you to be a good photographer.

3. Stay Honest to your work

You must have to be honest to your work. Do not copy other people’s work. You can get knowledge from the expert photographer’s work. If you steal other people’s work and rebrand it as your own, it will damage your creative faculty. In that case, you will suffer in the long run. You have to be content with whatever you have.

4. Go out of Your Comfort Zone

You will not get the best scenario in your comfort zone always. Go out in the remote areas of the country to get the scenic beauty. For example, if you are the lover of the ocean then you have to go to Cox’s Bazar or St. Martin Island. If possible, take a tour to the world to fulfill your unquenchable thirst for photography knowledge. In short, if you want to be a good photographer, you have to be a good traveler.

5. As a beginner, choose a camera of moderate quality.

There are two types of cameras in the market. One is mirrorless and another one is a DSLR camera. A Mirrorless camera is more expensive than a DSLR camera. A DSLR camera has a reflex mirror inside that provides light to the optical viewfinder and in a Mirrorless camera the light directly goes to the image sensor and it has an electric viewfinder. A Mirrorless camera has updated technology than a DSLR camera.

6. Read your cameras manual Instruction.

Every camera has manual instruction that needs to be read carefully. If you read the camera’s manual instruction, you will find lots of information there. You will find how to operate a camera and how to take good photos using them.

7. Clean Your lens frequently

When you are going to start photography, the first thing you need to do is cleaning your camera lens frequently. If you keep your camera clean, you will be able to shoot good photos and it will bring much fame and reputation for you. Besides, it will ensure the good performance of the camera.

8. Pay attention to the light.

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The most important thing in photography is light. There should be adequate light while doing photography. I suggest you shoot photos just before the sunrise or after the sunset. According to experts, these two times are best for photography.

9. Share your work.

You have to share your work through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. If you share your photograph, other people will be able to judge your photography. In that case, you will find the flaws and beauty of your photography. Not only that, other people also will be able to get benefitted from your work.

10. You can join a community

There are lots of groups of professional photographers. You can join them and exchange your photography with them. In this way, you can gather knowledge from them. If you face any problem then you will be able to post a comment in the community and get the answer easily.

11. Use automatic Mode

As a beginner, you have to use the automatic mode of your camera. The automatic mode will let you achieve proper exposure without prior operational knowledge. Though automatic mode is perfect for the beginners it is not suitable for the expert photographer. They have to use functions like Shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

12. You have to know the rules of the third.

As a beginner, you have to know the rule of third. What is the rule of thirds? Let me explain. Imagine you have a photo. You have to break it into three parts both horizontally and vertically. Now you have the nine parts at all. Now you will be able to identify the most important point of your image so that your point of interest gets the maximum focus. This rule of thirds will give four lines to point out the main focal point of your photos.

13. Take a Print Out of Your Photos.

When you take photos of some objects, you have to take a print out. It will be better for you to judge the quality of your photos. While printing, choose your best images. For this reason, you need a good quality printer.

14. Your Shooting angle is important

Your shooting angle is very much important while photographing. There are many kinds of shooting angles that you have to know about. They are Dutch Angle, low angle, high angle, etc. As a beginner, you have to be well aware of all these shoots and their workings.

15. Use Tripod

As a beginner, you have to use a tripod. A tripod will help you to take a better picture. This tripod will prevent your camera from moving. A tripod is necessary when a slow speed exposure is made. It is also helpful for precise framing of an image.

16. Learn from your mistakes

As a beginner, you have to do a lot of mistakes. A man can learn through mistakes. For example, you have taken a lot of photos throughout the day. At the end of the day, you realize that you have forgotten to put the memory card into the camera. You have to learn from this type of small mistakes.


The beginning of a long journey starts with a single step and the beginning of a photographer’s journey starts with a single click. As a beginner of photography, every single step is important and considered to be valuable. Shoot photos as many as you can on a regular basis. Compare and contrast your photos with the other photographers around you, so that you can find the flaws and beauties of your photos. Never hesitate to share your photos with others as sharing increases knowledge. Learn to enjoy your photography. Because photography is an art, the photographer is an artist and your destination might be an art gallery where thousands of people will be amazed looking at your photos.

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