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How to Use a Knifty Knitter Loom

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  1. Cast On
  2. Knit
  3. Cast Off
Loom Knit Hat

Loom Knit Hat

The cast on consists of putting the first rows of yarn onto the loom. Knitting involves using the hook that came with your looms to lift loops of yarn off the pegs. The final step, casting off, is simply removing the knit from the loom.

The best way to gain a better understanding of the process is to jump in and knit your first project. There are instructions for each step below and some videos to watch.

Cast On

There are different methods to cast on to a loom. The most basic cast on is the e wrap and it’s the one that I recommend for beginners. There is also the crochet cast on. The eight wrap cast on for the long looms and a few others. The YouTube videos below will show you how each cast on is done.

The first video is the ewrap cast on. It can be done on either a round or long loom. It is shown here on the round loom. The second video is the crochet cast on. It can also be done on a long or round loom. The third video is the ewrap. In this video, more than one row is eight wrapped, but a cast on only requires one row. Other wraps are sometimes used after the cast on. The eight wrap is a common cast on for the long looms and isn’t used on the round looms.

E Wrap Cast On

Eight Wrap Cast On and Knitting


No wrap

No wrap


After you have cast on, you will have one row wrapped on your loom. The next step is to wrap the loom a second time according to the stitch you are making. A very basic stitch is the e wrap, or twisted stockinette stitch. I recommend that beginners start with this stitch. Once you have two rows wrapped on the loom, you will use your hook to lift the bottom loop over yarn over the loop just above it on the peg. This is how you “knit” on a loom. Doing this repeatedly, wrapping and knitting row after row, will create knit that feeds out through the bottom of the loom. Once your knit is the desired length, you move on to the cast off step below.

Cast Off

“Cast off” and “bind off” are two phrases used interchangeably in loom knitting. They both mean the same thing, which is to remove the knit from the loom when the project is finished. Just as there are several methods to “cast on,” there are several methods to cast off. Some common methods in the order of video below are the gathered cast off and single crochet cast off. The gathered cast off is used for knitted items, such as the tops of hats or toes of socks that are gather at the end. The long loom cast off creates a finished, flat edge for items such blankets and scarves.

Cast Off

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Cast Off for Double Panel Knit from a Long Loom


New Stitches

Once you've mastered the 3 steps of loom knitting (1. cast on, 2. knit, 3. cast off), it's easy to learn new stitches. Here are a few new stitches that might interest you:

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Knifty Knitter Original Round Looms

Baby Booties

Baby Booties

Loom Knitting Projects

After you've learned the basic steps of knitting on a loom, here are some beginner projects that you may want to try. These patterns were selected for beginners because they use simple stitches and they are quick and easy. You can move on to more advanced time consuming projects after you've mastering these. Each pattern below can be completed in less than an hour.

Baby Booties

Cell Phone Tote



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