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How to Recycle Old Chalk

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Recycle Chalk Stubs

If you happen to have chalk leftovers from chalk artworks or you want to use some chalk in other ways than the classical ways (writing/drawing on chalkboards/sidewalks), then you might find this article useful. Read through the following methods of recycling chalk stubs and have fun putting them into practice if you decide to do so!

Chalk Paint In Different Colors

Chalk Paint In Different Colors

1. Make Chalk Paint

In order to make chalk paint, crush the pieces of chalk until they look like a powder and then mix them with water. How much water you add to the mixture is up to you, as you might want a more diluted substance or a less diluted one. After mixing the water with the powder for a bit, you can use a brush to paint sidewalks or a chalkboard with the mixture. It might not seem like a big deal at first, immediately after you use it, but after the substance gets dry on the sidewalk/chalkboard, you can admire your work of art.

Chalk Paint


In order to crush the chalk effectively, make a piece of cloth into a sack and put the chalk in it, then put it on a hard surface (like the sidewalk) and crush the chalk, through the sack with the help of a hard object like a rock.

2. Make Chalk

You can use small chalk stubs to create new, bigger, pieces of chalk. You do so by crushing the small pieces of chalk into powder and then mixing the resulting powder with a bit of water, so that it gets the consistency of a modelling paste. Then, you can proceed to modelling it into chalk balls, chalk bars or other shapes you like. After you finish shaping it, you should put it somewhere to dry and harden, so that you can use it just like you use regular chalk when it's dry.

3. Make Marbleized Paper

You can make marbleized paper with the help of chalk, and then you can use this paper to wrap gifts or in other creative ways. To make it:

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  • put some water in an open container (the container should be the width of the paper you want to marbleize);
  • create small flakes of colored chalk;
  • put the flakes on the surface of the water;
  • lightly dip the piece of paper you want marbleized in the water and quickly get it out;
  • let it dry;
  • spray it with hair spray, so that the chalk flakes remain, more or less, stuck to the paper.

If you're looking for some chalk...


Jason from Indianapolis, IN. USA on June 30, 2014:

If you mix the powdered chalk with acrylic medium, you will have chalk paint with some permanent attributes.

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