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How to Pose For Pictures Like a Model. Best Posing Techniques

Are you having a photo shoot with a professional photographer, or have you decided to take some pictures on your friend's cell phone? You don't know how to pose for pictures? What to do with your hands and legs when facing the camera? What photoshoot poses to choose? Want to learn how to pose like a model and be photographed in the best way? Then read on to learn how to choose the poses that would make your picture great and emphasize your individuality!

A few tips before your photo session

1. Each girl has a set of favorite poses, which she constantly takes in everyday life. Pay attention to what poses you usually take, and do them while being photographed. In these poses you will look more natural.

2. Try not to overdo the makeup and don't wear too bright clothes. When choosing what to wear for a photo shoot, keep in mind that since you will be moving, clothes can ride up or open some parts of your body.

3. When thinking about photoshoot poses during your session, do three things: find common language with the photographer, relax, and release your acting talents!

And now, some hints on best photoshoot poses...

1. Back arch


If you are bending or leaning towards something, make sure there is an arch on your back. Straight back also looks good, but in terms of composition, straight lines look more masculine, and therefore better suited for male pictures

2. Crossing of arms and legs


If on the picture there is arms' or legs' crossing (which actually makes the picture sexier), the viewer's attention would be directed towards it. Especially effective would be the crossing of arm(s) and leg(s), placing them nearby or in one line.

3. The right angle



Place your hands and/or legs at an angle of around 45 degrees. This is one of the photoshoot poses that will improve the perception of a portrait by the viewer.

4. Emphasize a part of your body


The part of your body pushed forward, becomes the center of the composition. In such a way you can draw attention to any part of your body or any object.

5. Extend the toes


In most of the cases, extended toes look the best on the pictures.

6. Pay attention to how you bend your arms and legs

Identical bends of the arms and the legs form a rhythm that increases the artistic value of the picture.

For more inspiration on how to pose for pictures like a model, browse the web and check out different photoshoot poses.

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Daniel Daisy on April 21, 2020:

I really liked the article.

Hippie Untiet from Wisconsin on July 30, 2017:

Image if I posed for photographs like that. My oh my I'm laughing so hard I'm tearing up. It great for a man doing it a comedy photo shoot. Just do a reenactment of Uncle Miltie you know Milton Berle Mr. Television. The NBC's Texaco Star Theater TV golden age. Oh well look it up. That would be so funny to do. With these poses.

Rhiannon from Blue Ridge, GA on April 03, 2017:

These are great poses! I recommend using Robert Valenzuela's 21 techniques to posing. Great article.

Aishwarya on June 11, 2014:

Its totally amazing.....

N ty fo d ideas f posing.

Randomovic from Egypt on August 08, 2013:


naeemebrahimjee from London on August 07, 2012:

This is actually very interesting. As an amateur photographer i usually just say put this arm there, this leg that way!

Its great to put a bit more understanding behind the poses in a simple yet elegant way. I might be showing this article to models if i'm about to photograph them!


vua corona on February 14, 2012:

Great pictures...

image #3 and #5 too much curve and look so unreal.

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