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How to Make a Spiral Pencil Case Using the Rainbow Loom

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Spiral Pencil Case

Spiral Pencil Case

This design was inspired by the technique shown for the shell in the Snail Tutorial from justinstoys (linked below). When I first saw the video, it reminded me of a technique in crochet where you work in a spiral as you crochet in the round. I modified the number of stitches for each Round to expand the base before working in a continuous manner as shown in the video.

This hub is a tutorial on how to make a Spiral Pencil Case using the Rainbow Loom. It can be done with just one loom or, to make it go faster, more than one loom. This technique can also be used to make other crocheted things that can be worked in the Round (e.g. hats, coasters, etc.)


  • Rainbow Loom (one or more looms);
  • Hook;
  • 398 MC (main color) bands (I used lime green);
  • 396 CC (contrast color) bands (I used neon orange); and
  • 3++ MC bands for sewing.
Spiral Pencil Case

Spiral Pencil Case

How to Make a Spiral Pencil Case

Step 1: Make the Body

First, you need to choose the colors you want to use as MC and CC. Watch the video below on how to place your stitches while going around in a spiral. Make sure you do not attempt to make the body yet, since I made several changes to the original design to make the Spiral Pencil Case.

Now that you have seen the video, here are the changes you will need to make to start the body of your Spiral Pencil Case:

  • For the cap band of the MC, wrap the band 4 times, instead of the 3 that the video recommends. This will ensure that the center of the base will have a small hole so your pens or pencils will not fall through.
  • Since 6 is a magic number for crochet while working in Rounds, once you reach the 6th stitch in the cap band, the first Round is complete. (6 bands in Round 1)
  • Work 2 stitches in each of the bands from the first Round to make the second Round. (12 bands in Round 2)
  • Alternately work 1 and 2 stitches for each of the 12 stitches of the previous Round to complete the third Round. (18 bands in Round 3)

Here are some photos to help clarify the instructions. The photos are from the perspective of a lefty, so you will need to reflect the photos to apply it for righties.

  • At this point, I was already happy with the circumference of my circle, so I stopped working the increasing Rounds and just worked 1 stitch for each of the 18 stitches of the previous Round. (18 bands in each succeeding Round)
  • Continue working 18 stitches in each Round until you are happy with the height of the body. Take note where you begin counting for each Round so you can end the last Round evenly.
  • To end the last stitch, just add a slipknot through the bands (same as the one in the video). The body in the photo has 16 Rounds (including the first 2 increasing Rounds). I ended the body once it reached the bottom of my pen's cap.

Since the video tutorial for the shell only used one full entire loom, here are some instructions on how to extend it while using the same single loom (photos are shown below):

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  1. Move the middle peg to the empty slot above.
  2. Attach the removed peg to the middle slot, making sure that the orientation is the same as the peg you just moved.
  3. Place rubber bands in the same manner as the video, stopping at where the peg right before your last rubber band.
  4. Place a band on the final space by first releasing the band to the right, then replacing the released band onto the same peg.
  5. Repeat this process again once you've neared the end of the bands.

When I first made this project, I only had one loom. While it is possible to make it all in one loom, it is a bit tedious and takes a while to finish. However, while I was making this tutorial, I already had access to more pin bars and bases. Just extend your loom and lay out your bands in the same manner. It will make the process go much faster than just using one loom.

Here is how the bands will look with 2 connected looms.

Here is how the bands will look with 2 connected looms.

Step 2: Make the Cap

Repeat the same process as the Body, just make your cap shorter. For the pencil case shown in the photos, I made 8 Rounds (including the first 2 increasing Rounds).

Step 3: Sewing the Two Parts Together

The final step for this tutorial is to sew the two parts together. I like to align the 2 ends together to make it look continuous and tie the two knots together to secure it into place before sewing. I already touched on how to sew pieces together in my previous hub, How to Make a Square Motif Purse Using a Rainbow Loom, so please check it out if you have any problems sewing the pieces together.

Sew 11 stitches together and leave the remaining 7 stitches open for your pens to go through. Weave in all the ends and you're finally done with the Spiral Pencil Case.


Ann1Az2 from Orange, Texas on August 27, 2014:

Seems like everyone is getting into this rubber band craze. This is a neat pattern. Thanks for sharing ,

dezalyx (author) from Philippines on August 18, 2014:

Yup! You'll need to adjust the size by adding more increasing rounds and you can adapt it for other cases, too.

Sharon Lee Goodhand from Queensland Australia on August 18, 2014:

This unique... and with some minor size adjustment could be phone or glasses case too!

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