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How to Make a Magic Wand in 5 Easy Steps

Chris enjoys nature and being a part of something bigger than himself. He enjoys exploring the world and what it has to offer.

Harry Potter Wands

With the world of Harry Potter came a renewal of interest in magic wands. Some people just want them and some people want real magic wands. But overall, why are we so captivated by Harry Potter wands?

I think it is because most wands that we see are not interesting and fun, yet Harry Potter wands have were made from various materials with cores like phoenix feathers. Overall, not completely authentic magic wands but I would have to remind people that the universe reacts to intention not to any formulas or algorithms.

So get creative with how you want to make your magic wand. The things that draw you to them are more important than cutting a limb down the Wednesday following a waxing moon or knocking on the tree limb three times before cutting it. You need to have a connection between you and your wand. By following the following five steps, you can make your own magic wand.

  1. Find
  2. Shape
  3. Components
  4. Combine
  5. Cleanse, Attune, and Bless

1. Find the Wand Body

The body of your wand will be the largest portion of your magic wand. The usual shape for a wand is an object that is a elongated cone. A pretty simple description for something that offers so much power. The material can be anything that you connect with. I prefer wooden wand bodies, but some may enjoy metal more. There may be crystal wands bodies about but the important part is something that you connect with.

If there is a special purpose for the magic wand you will be creating, find an material that evokes the same emotions within you as the special purpose brings about in you as well. When making a wand, there are times that walking the woods and looking at nature helps to find what will be used for the magic wand body.

When harvesting the wand body, usually the length of my forearm is the length that I feel comfortable with. Again, this is between you, your magic wand, and the energies you will be asking for assistance. Choose what feels right to you.

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2. Shape the Wand Body

The word shape is used because wood may be carved, metal may be beat, or the wand bodies may be left as they are discovered. Again, the most important part is that you do to your wand what feels right to you. If you want to carve the elemental runes into the body, then do it. If you want to carve symbols that have meaning to you, then do it. The whole process of making your own magic wand is to have an artifact that connects with you on an emotional level. Some will leave the wand body as they harvested it off a tree and others will peel the bark completely off. Carve it, beat it, twist it, bend it, or whatever it is going to take for you to have some pride in the wand and have that connection. Remember, intentions are read and there is not a formula to be followed.

3. Find the Components

There are plain wands and there are decorated wands. What works for you will be what you like. Generally, a rock, gem, crystal, etc. would be mounted to the wands tip. It is said that with this component mounted to the tip you would be sending out directional energy. Directional energy would be for sending your will out to the universe. Without this energy focus, it is called radiant and is suppose to be more in a limited area. An example of this would be for healing.

I generally fall back to the intentions are what matters with a magic wand and don't like having rules. If the component feels right to you, then I would suggest putting it into your magic wand.

A gemstone, crystal, or what not mounted into the base of the wand are generally meant to be for collecting energy. It could be argued that most everything holds a connection to the world and universe though and can hold energy. So with your focus, you can use most everything as a capacitor of sorts to hold energy.

4. Combine Items to Make a Magic Wand

There will be people who claim that binding gems, crystals, and other items should only be done with copper and/or silver. These are two metals that are good conductors of energy.

Some people will also use any adhesive that will work. I don't always like to use synthetic glues, but there have been times that I do. Sinew may be used to bind components together as well. Again as with everything to do with the wand, this is personal preference.

5. Cleanse, Attune, and Bless

Cleansing a magic wand is much like anything else, sometimes they need to be cleansed. The reason could be that the magic wand is new, another person touched it, it has been sitting for awhile, you feel like it needs to be cleansed, and possibly you are buying it used or from another person.

Generally cleansing involves one of the elements to be washed over it and clear direction of what you want to accomplish or what you desire to cleanse the magic wand of.

Attuning a magic wand to yourself takes time. Your touch and presence will imprint you onto the magic wand. Use the wand, hold it, sleep with it under your pillow, keep it around other items that you use regularly, it is essential to use the magic wand to attune to it. The longer and/or more you use the wand the more you will become attuned to it.

Blessing a magic wand is essentially when you lock intent into your wand. The purpose for the wand will need to be known before you can bless the wand. I consider a blessing a contract between the magic wand and the user of the wand. The definitions of how the wand will be used, what it will be used for, and the desired outcome. Some consider a blessing to be a ritual where you invite an energy to enter your circle, but I consider a blessing to layout intent, hopes and dream, alongside a suggested path for those hopes and dreams to come true.

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