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Make a Paper Boat that Floats - 11 Steps

The author is a great enthusiast of swimming and his passion has driven him to explore many such places in the city.

Follow these 11 steps outlined below to make a simple paper boat that floats longer then any other designs out there.

It has an improved flat bottom design which enables it to float smoothly without toppling over and when made with a little trick, that I have explained below, It will float for a very long time.

A paper boat that floats longer.

A paper boat that floats longer.

How to make your paper boat float longer?

Paper boats usually sink when their paper gets soaked in water and eventually crumples. The idea therefore is to prevent water from damaging or 'wetting' the paper of your boat so that its strength is sustained for a longer time.

Solution to this is rather straightforward and easily applicable: Glue a thin plastic sheet on one side of the paper, make sure to cut the plastic sheet a little larger then the paper itself so that its edges can be folded over the paper and secured with the help of tape, this will keep you out of trouble when folding the paper and plastic sheet together.

Although it violates the principals of Origami, the advantage rests in your pocket.

Step by Step Instructions:

How to make a paper boat.

How to make a paper boat.

How to make a paper boat.

How to make a paper boat.

What you see in the picture above in step 9 is the final shape of the boat before opening it.

Now you have to follow the procedure detailed in the two photographs below to open it up in order to turn it into a fully floating boat.

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How to make a paper boat.

How to make a paper boat.

Now with your thumbs and fingers correctly positioned on the places shown in steps 10 and 11 above we can proceed towards our final step:

Final Step:

Slightly push your three fingers inside, your thumb should follow the fingers and you will get a partially opened boat like that pictured above.

You will have to repeat this step at least three places across the length of the boat in order to get a fully opened boat like the one pictured in the beginning of this tutorial. This step is tricky but you will perfect it after 2-3 tries.

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Iftikhar ul Sami from Pakistan on January 12, 2015:

Hi alikhan3

Well done. It is very awesome.

StormsHalted (author) from Pullman, Washington, United States on January 12, 2015:

Thanks for the encouraging comment.

Ann1Az2 from Orange, Texas on January 11, 2015:

Cool and with a plastic cover and everything! Great instructions. Well done!

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