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How to Make a Stretch Headband

How to Sew a Headband

Making a headband is easy; the first thing to remember when purchasing material for your headband is that it should be quite stretchy. The colour of your headband can be whatever you like or whatever is available to buy.

When cutting your fabric it is important to note which directions the fabric will stretch. If your fabric will only stretch in one direction but not the other, then make sure that you cut your headband so that it will stretch to fit on your head. There is nothing worse than getting to the end of making a headband only to realise that you have cut it wrong and it doesn’t stretch the right way.

As for the measurements, the length is a standard 22” but the width can be whatever you like. An initial width of roughly 10-12 inches will give you a headband that is about 4-5 inches wide once you have stitched it together.

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You can make your headband look like this one simply by adding on a flower brooch.

You can make your headband look like this one simply by adding on a flower brooch.

Headband Diagram


So you will need:

· Stretchy fabric

· Scissors

· Sewing machine

· Same colour cotton

· Tape measure

Take your fabric and lay it out flat. Using the tape measure, measure out your long side at 22” (this is the side, which needs to be able to stretch when pulled).

Snip one side to mark the 22” and from that mark measure up 10” (or whatever you have chosen for the width).

Cut out the rectangle shape that you have measured. Try to cut the edges as straight as possible.

Now you will have a strip of fabric in the shape of a rectangle that you can stretch out when holding the two short ends.

With this rectangle, fold it in half so that the right side of the fabric is facing inwards and the wrong side is facing outwards. Use a zigzag stitch and stitch together the two long ends leaving roughly a ½ - 1” edge.

Now you are left with a sort of tube with open ends, carefully turn this tube inside out to reveal the right side of the fabric.

Now is usually a good time to iron your seam flat, this will make it a bit easier when it comes to stitching the ends together.

After ironing, take the two open ends and bring them together so that the seam you just stitched is facing outwards. Stitch the two short ends together, keeping your stitch as close to the edge as possible.

Now turn your headband the right way round so that all of the seams are on the inside and voila! You have a perfect homemade headband.

Please click on the diagram above to view it in full size.

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