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How to Make a Fabric Strip Basket


Supplies and Directions

50 foot Clothesline.

Fabric Strips... These can be torn or cut with a rotary cutting tool. If you desire a chabby or dis-stessed look the torn strips are recommended... for a clean edge use a rotary cutting tool.

1 Binder Clip

Needle and thread to match the fabric.

Step 1

Sew or tie the fabric strips together. Again sewing will be a cleaner look while tying will create a chabby, worn look to the finished project. Roll the joined fabric strips into a ball, like a ball of yarn to keep it from becoming tangled and easy to use.

Step 2

Wrap the fabric strip tightly around the clothesline in a spiral fashion. Do the wrapping as you work on the shape of the basket, so about 6" at a time.

Step 3

As you get each 6" section of the clothesline wrapped start coiling it in a tight circle to create the bottom of the the basket. If you desire to have an oval or oblong basket start with a long piece of wrapped clothesline and wrap a long coil around it. If you are making a round basket start the coil as a circle to begin with. Secure the first coil, long or circular with several stitches that penetrate the clothesline under the fabric to keep it in place.

Step 4

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As you work add a stitch from the new level or coil the previous one to secure it, about every inch. As you work, wrapping the clothes line and continuing the coil you will decide when you want the bottom of the basket to stop and the side or wall of the basket to start. Do this by changing from a coiling to a stacking as your are wrapping the clothes line and sewing it the previous level. Continue this until you have reached the desired height of the basket.

Step 5

To create the handles of the basket you continue to wrap the fabric strips on the clothesline. Instead of stacking it and sewing to the previous level you will determine how big you want the handle and wrap the clothesline. You then bring the wrapped clothes line to a point on the previous level to create a looped handle and sew it down at he desired spot. You and create two long handles and attach them to each other at the top or two small handles on each side. The beauty of this project is that you can make it however you would like. Experiment with different effects and handle styles.

There are many variations in the size and shape of the fabric strip basket that you choose to make. You can also make rugs, place mats and other useful items with the same basic instructions. Have fun with it.

By ripping the fabric strips instead of cutting you will create a tattered, rustic look to your project.

This video includes using your sewing machine


Anne on October 25, 2017:

What width are the strips please?

Shelly Epperly (author) from Vancouver,WA on June 01, 2011:

So glad to hear it... thanks for the vote up.. I will return the favor. Have a Fabulous day.

lcbenefield on June 01, 2011:

Voted up and useful. Good project idea. My nieces are just learning about sewing and getting excited about fabric. I think this project would be great fun for them.

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