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How to Make a Christmas Angel Peg Doll

Round Wooden Clothespin Peg

Round Wooden Clothespin Peg

Wooden Clothespin & Peg Doll Projects

Peg dolls are super cute and easy to make. Little peg angels can be used to decorate your tree or around the house during the holidays. They can also be used as favors or sweet little gifts. When the holidays are over you can easily decorate them other ways to suit any season of the year. They can also make nice little friendship presents.

Here is a list of tutorials on how you can create your peg dolls. I tried to find many different takes on them so you can pick and choose which method looks best to you. Once you've master the art of the angel peg doll, try making other peg dolls based off of what you learned.

- Clothespin Dolls Tutorial. This is a wonderful tutorial on how to make a general peg doll. It includes lovely step-by-step illustrations on how to create your doll. Overall, this website is adorable; chock full of whimsical art and freebies and charming craft tutorials. If you love cute things like I do you could spend all day here!

- Martha Stewart offers a wonderful tutorial on how to make Santa and Mrs. Claus clothespin ornaments. Her tutorial doesn't have any pictures except for the finished product, but it does include a printable template for the clothes to make sure they come out the right size. You could also use this template to make clothes for your angel doll.

- Dolly Peg Dolls and Christmas Angel - this is a fantastic step-by-step guide (with pictures!) to making beautiful little clothespin dolls. I really like that some of the examples shown have crocheted clothes and added crocheted elements. You can make these dolls pretty elaborate if you wanted to, but they are still simple enough that parents can do this project with their kids.

- I think these Christmas Elf Peg Dolls are so incredibly adorable and I'm surprised how easy they seem to make! This tutorial includes a step-by-step guide with pictures. For an angel you might want to use the elf bodies and add hair and wings.

- Crochet Clothespin Ornaments. These are super lovely ornaments! The pattern isn't included, but the author of the post includes information on where you can buy it. She also adds a lot of pictures on the process, so experienced crocheters may be able to figure out their own pattern just by looking at the photos.

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- Sarah Homfrey offers free PDF file projects on her website. Among them is a guide to making an angel peg doll. It doesn't have step-by-step pictures, but it does have a nice finished photo of the project. Her other projects are definitely worth a look too.

- Clothespin Soldier Ornaments. This tutorial describes how to make little peg soldiers. I think their pom pom hats are really cute!

- If you're looking for inspiration or want to check out some truly amazing Peg Dolls check out the Dolly Peg blog.

Where to Buy Wooden Clothespins and Pegs

All of the materials listed in these projects can be found at your local craft stores, including the clothespins/pegs. The clothespins and pegs needed to make these dolls may no always be easily found in craft stores, but just look. You might also be able to order them through your local craft store if they don't have any in stock. Craft stores and online shops also sell Peg doll kits, which come with all the materials you need to make the dolls--but you can usually only make just a few. If you want to make a lot of dolls it's better to buy the materials and not kits.

Buying online is always an option and may be the best way to make sure you get a good price.

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