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How to Make Your Own Magnetic Necklace

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Learn How to Make a Magnetic Necklace

Follow the simple steps below to learn how to make a versatile magnetic necklace. You can wear it as a bracelet, a choker, or even have the ends hanging in the front to give a more modern look. This piece of jewelry has no clasp, so it is the perfect gift for someone who has trouble with them. It is also adjustable, making it the right size for anyone. While magnetic necklaces can be bought for only a few dollars, they are usually made with cheap plastic or acrylic beads. When making one yourself, you can choose gemstones, glass, pearls, sterling silver, and more. Be sure to read the important tips at the bottom of the page; they may save you some time during your jewelry-making. Have fun!

Step 1

Gather all of your materials. You will need wire cutters, crimp tool, crimp tubes, magnetic beads, more beads of your choice, bead board, and yarn. The last two items are optional, but will make things easier.


Magnetic Beads



Crimp tubes come in different sizes according to the size wire you are using. Size #1 is intended for the wire I have chosen here which is .38mm. There is a chart on the back of the container the tubes come in that explains which size tube to use with different wire sizes.


Step 2

Using a piece of yarn, decide how long you want your necklace to be. Lay the yarn on the beadboard and use this as a guide when placing your beads on the board.

Along with the magnetic beads, I have used silver glass accent beads, black accent beads, and glass textured faux pearl beads.

Along with the magnetic beads, I have used silver glass accent beads, black accent beads, and glass textured faux pearl beads.

Step 3

Lay the magnetic beads on the board, spaced anywhere from 1 to 2 inches apart. Determine the pattern you want to use, and place the remaining beads in between the magnetic beads.


Ways to Wear a Magnetic Necklace


Step 4

Place a crimp tube onto the wire, then string one final bead. Loop the wire end over the bead and back through the crimp tube. Use the crimp tool to squeeze the tube into a "v" and then closed.

Step 5

Push beads over the wire end and together so that they fit snuggly. Cut the wire at the other end and repeat step 4.

Tips for Making a Perfect Magnetic Necklace

  • Always keep extra beads handy, even after you have completed your pattern on the bead board. There may be a bead that is much smaller than the rest and will look awkward if included on your necklace. Sometimes, the hole is not made completely through the bead and it cannot be used. You may also find a misshaped bead, that was damaged during manufacturing.
  • Keep masking tape nearby, so that if you need to stop working in the middle of stringing your beads, you can tape off the wire so that the beads will not spill off. This will save you a lot of time and frustration.
  • When working with magnetic beads, keep the strung beads away from the bead board, as they will attract the magnets and completely ruin your neatly laid out pattern of beads.
  • As you string your beads, look over your strung pattern to ensure there are no mistakes. Even the most careful beader makes mistakes, and this will prevent you from having to start over, and from wasting materials.
  • When working with magnetic beads, stretch the whole wire out in a staight line to make sure all beads are snug against the others.


Audrey Surma (author) from Virginia on July 12, 2013:

Betty, although not exactly like the one in my article, there are a few places that carry necklaces made with magnets. I have added links to a couple of them at the end of my article. They include Ebay and Amazon. I haven't checked Etsy, but I'm sure someone is selling them there as well. Take care and thanks for reading!

Betty Shaneyfelt on July 10, 2013:

Where can I purchase the magnetic bracelets? Have trouble with my hands.

Audrey Surma (author) from Virginia on February 09, 2013:

Jamie, thanks for stopping by! These necklaces are fun to make and wear. The magnetic beads are surprisingly cheap too.

Jamie Brock from Texas on February 04, 2013:

I have head of the magnetic clasps but not the beads! What a cute idea... thank you for sharing how to make this is very pretty and love it as a bracelet as well. The instructions are very easy to follow and the photos are great too! I am going to look more into this.

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