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How to Make Your Own Flower Pens and Girly Pens 2

editdelete Artist and artisan my whole life! I'm one of those curious creatives who need to make things with my hands.


Items You Will Need:

Before you begin, make sure you have everything you need:

* hot glue gun

* hot glue sticks

* ribbon(s) you will use to go around the pen shafts

* pens (the kind that has a removable plastic piece on the top end.)

* fake flowers

* material that coordinates well with your flowers and ribbons

* scissors

* wire cutters


Fuzzy Flower Pen

  1. Choose the flower you wish to use and cut the stem, leaving about 4 inches of stem left with your flower.
  2. If the pen you wish to use has a removable plastic cap on the end, remove the cap so that you can hide your flower stem down inside the pen case. (If you don't have that kind of pen, it's okay. You will have to glue your flower stem directly on the outside of your pen.
  3. Add a small drop of glue to the top of the pen shaft, where the flower and pen meet.
  4. Get the ribbon you want to use and hold it next to the pen so that you can eyeball where to cut your ribbon.
  5. Glue your ribbon long ways onto your pen.
  6. For this purple pen, I also added another ribbon. I glued one edge down the pen length ways and left the shimmery edge unglued.
  7. I also glued on a lime green strip of material in the middle of the pen--material that I ironed the edges of (instead of sewing a seam).
  8. For fun, I also glued two pieces of purple and irridescent ribbon in two places just where the pen and flower meet.

Pink Rose Pen

For this pen, I hot glued a large rose and two stems with several smaller flowers grouped together. Then, I glued on 2 different kinds of leaves. The material I used for the pen is a ribbed, pink and white polka-dotted ribbon.

This time, I only made 5 pens and am only posting 4 of them on this hub. I've taken lots of pictures to try to show every part of each pen.

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I use a flower pen in my office and, surprisingly, it doesn't magically disappear like all my other pens have! If you have people who swipe your pens when you're not looking, I suggest you make one of your own to take to your office. Like me, I believe you'll find you never have to look for a pen again.


Orange and Purple Pen

  • This pen I made using two orange flowers, one a little bigger than the other.
  • I glued the pen shaft with ribbed purple ribbon.
  • Then, I cut out several "leaves" from a shimmery green piece of scrap material.
  • Since the material frays easily, I used a candle flame to lightly burn the edges.
  • I glued each leaf just at the base of the flowers where the pen and flowers meet.
  • I wrapped the pen at the same spot with a purple ribbon, glued it on, and tied a bow.
  • With the same green material I used to make the leaves, I cut and glued a strip near the other end of the pen. (Before gluing, I ironed each edge under so there would be no need for sewing the edges.)

White Flower Pen

  • This flower itself was large enough not to need anything else with it but some leaves.
  • I wrapped the pen with some material and glued it in place.
  • Then, I wrapped the pen just under the base of the flower with some of the pink and white polka-dotted ribbon.

Some Ideas to Sell Your Pens

These pens are such a fun and quick craft that anyone can do. Children can even participate, if you have a hot glue gun that is a low temperature gun. As I said in the first article: How to Make Your Own Flower Pens and Girly Pens, this craft project is a great fundraiser. (TIP: If you're planning a school fund raiser, make your pens using your school colors.)

There are crafters who make and sell their flower pens on

Make pens in a variety of colors and styles and take them to a locally owned business and see if you can sell them there. Many business owners will let you display your crafts, and sell them for you, charging you a percentage of the profit.

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Kalux from Canada on June 29, 2012:

Ever cute! I love girly pens and have been known to use them everywhere. I can't wait to try this and make my own!

australiaseo from Melbourne, Australia on May 21, 2012:

Hi- great hub. I like to make things out of flowers with my kids too.

Seo123 on May 20, 2011:

Flowers play a symbolic part in our daily lives as they have their own significance. The presence of flowers is seen at all events which are related to us like marriages, birthdays and even religious ceremonies. In certain countries, the presence of flowers is considered as very auspicious and is believed that the gods would come down on the earth smelling its fragrance and bless the occasion. Flowers also played a vital role in almost every person’s life and it is a known that the secret to a woman’s heart is through flowers as they definitely fall for the beauty and fragrance of flowers.

Jessica on July 16, 2010:

I like this project because there are so many different variations to it. If can even be made boyish, by making the ribbon a different color & attaching an action figure of some kind to the top of the pen or pencil instead of a fake flower!

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