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How to Make Your Own Flower Pens and Girly Pens


Items Needed to Begin

Before you begin, make sure you have everything you need:

  • hot glue gun
  • hot glue sticks
  • ribbon(s) you will use to go around the pen shafts (I like to use ribbed ribbons.) They are more durable and the hot glue does not show through like it does with satin ribbons.)
  • pens or pencils (I used a package of Bic pens--the kind that has a removable plastic piece on the top end. Papermate pens also work nicely. You'll find out why later....)
  • fake flowers of your choice
  • fuzzy yarns
  • scissors
  • wire cutters


Let's start with making a flower pen.

  1. Begin, by plugging in your glue gun. And preparing your work space. If I'm not working at my craft table, I spread out a paper bag to make my work surface. Hot glue is stringy and messy so you want to make sure you are protecting your furniture.
  2. While your glue gun is heating up, get one of your pens and take out the little blue stopper, if you will, from the top of the pen. This opens up the pen shaft so that we can hide the flower's stem there. (You may use a pencil or a different kind of pen, too.  Just glue the flower stem down the side of your pen/pencil. I just like the end result of being able to hide the flower stems down inside Bic pens.)
  3. Next, you want to take your wire cutter and cut your flower stem, leaving a 4-inch stem. Go ahead and put the stem down into the pen shaft.  At the base of the flower, where the flower and pen shaft meet, glue the flower in place.
  4. Get your ribbon out and cut your ribbon almost as long as your pen, leaving about 1/4 of an inch of the pen showing (as shown in photo).
  5. Next, take your glue gun and add a strip of glue long-ways, down the pen shaft and quickly place one edge of the ribbon on top of your glue strip. That will dry quickly, as you press the ribbon into the glue. Wrap the ribbon around the pen shaft and repeat gluing the other edge of the ribbon in place.
  6. Now, get creative with what more you would like to do with your girly flower pen. You may stop now or add anything else you may come up with. In the above photo, I added black and silver fuzzy yarn I bought at Hobby Lobby.
  7. I started by adding hot glue just under my flower where the pen and flower meet, and made about a 2-inch line of glue. Then, I placed the end of my fuzzy yarn where the pen and flower meet and began wrapping the fuzzy yarn around and around my pen. Once I reached the end of my glue line, I stopped wrapping and cut the ribbon. And voila! I was finished with my first girly pen!


Now, we'll look at some of the FUZZY PENS.

The rest of the pens are made similarly, with fuzzy materials replacing the red rose.  

This one is made from one 6-inch piece of black fuzzy craft trim.  I hot glued each end to the top of the pen, making one loop of the trim.  Then, I added some fuzzy yarn from the end of the pen, and down about 2 inches--just like I did with the flower pen.

Hot Glue Gun

For the remaining pens, I used different fuzzy yarns to replace the flower.

  1. For each pen, I wrapped the yarn loosely around my four fingers over and over until I had enough to make a nice, fuzzy ball.
  2. I carefully removed the yarn from my hand, and tied a piece of string (or more fuzzy yarn) around the middle (like I do when making a curly ribbon bow).
  3. And just like making a curly ribbon bow, I then snipped each loop to make free strands.
  4. Then, on some of the pens I added more fuzzy yarn to the pen shafts. There's no wrong way to do it. :)

Personalized Pens

Fund Raisers, gifts, bridal guest books, Mother's Day, birthdays, Easter, Christmas, Get Well Soon...uses for decorative pens are endless!

Variations of materials and colors to use are endless, too!

This is just one group of pens I made with a black, red, and white pallet. This set, I sold as part of a fund raising project for my daughter. I made another set using my daughter's school colors and donated the pens to another school fund raising event.

Make zebra pens, make gift pens to gift to your friends and family, add craft beads to your pens, make enough pens to sell them online! Add your own creative energy, with your own personal touch, and make your own beautiful pens to share and enjoy with those around you.

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