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How to Make Fog With Photoshop

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Johana is a freelance graphic designer who loves to write tutorials about Photoshop, InkScape, MockoFun, Gimp, etc.

In this tutorial we will add fog and mist to a photo using Photoshop.

With Photoshop you can make all kinds of photo effects in just a few easy steps. Transform your pictures using brushes and photo overlays. It's quite easy and the results are quite impressive.

For creating the fog effect I will use the resources listed below. The textures and brushes are available for free download. As for the photo, you can use this image or you can use your own photo.


Step 1 - Open Your Photo

Open your photo in Photoshop. To explain how to create fog in Photoshop I have chosen this photo of a mountain landscape in a sunny day.


Step 2 - Desaturate in Photoshop

On a foggy day the colors are not so bright and the details are not that visible. So, first add a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer and desaturate these color channels:

  • Yellows (saturation -43)
  • Cyans (saturation -68)
  • Blues (saturation -100)

You might have to use other settings for your photos. You can also change the saturation of other color channels.


Step 3 - Reduce Contrast with Brightness/Contrast Adjustment

Add a Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer and reduce the Contrast. Lowering the Contrast will automatically change the mood of the photo.


Step 4 - Reduce Brightness with Curves Adjustment

Add a Curves adjustment and modify the curve to obtain a matte effect. That way we reduce the brightness and the contrast of the photo even more.

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Step 5 - Use the Brush Tool to Hide Details

Create a new layer. Pick the Eyedropper Tool and click on the sky to pick a color.

Use the Brush Tool and different opacity levels to paint over the sky and clouds. Also paint over the mountains and trees from the background.


Step 6 - Use the Photoshop Fog Brushes

Create a new layer for adding the fog effect.

Pick the Brush Tool and use the fog brushes to add realistic fog and mist effect.

Choose a light gray color #ededed for the fog brush. Set the size of the fog brushes according to the size of your image and also set the opacity to around 45%.


You can change also the angle of the fog brushes and add more fog and mist.

If you want you can also add the fog texture overlay over the image and set the blend mode to Screen.


So, here is the final result for the fog effect made in Photoshop using fog & mist brushes and adjustment layers.


With this easy technique you can take any sunny day photo and turn it into a mysterious scene.

Taking photos on foggy days is hard. So, if you want to take your photos of foggy scenes to the next level and give them more mood and feeling, use fog brushes. They will look great!

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