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How to Draw a Gorilla

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Silverback Gorilla

Silverback Gorilla

Gorillas are some of the most incredible creatures in the animal kingdom. They are known for their ferocious looks and generally they’re depicted as extremely aggressive and violent, but they’re not. Gorillas can be the most peaceful and social animals on Earth. They live in the central forests of Africa and there are documentaries describing their habitat. If you want to meet one, you’ll always have the chance to see one at your nearest zoo.

Gorillas are well known for movies, such as King Kong and Gorillas in the Mist. You probably have seen a gorilla in TV series, such as Tarzan and you almost certainly have drawn a gorilla as part of a school assignment or just as a hobby. If that is not the case, then, throughout this hub, I’m going to show you how to draw a silverback gorilla with the use of windows MS Paint.

Things Needed to Draw a Gorilla

  • MS Paint
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Sketch of a gorilla

To make this task easier, it´s recommendable that you draw a sketch of your drawing first. A sketch is a free-hand drawing that is not finished.

Gorilla Hand Drawing

Gorilla Hand Drawing

Gorilla Hand Drawing

How to Draw a Silverback Gorilla?

To start this assignment, open MS Paint, which is a graphics painting program included with all versions of windows. In MS Paint, select the ellipse tool and draw four ellipses in the middle of MS Paint’s working area as in the picture below. These ellipses will be used as the starting guidelines for the drawing of the entire gorilla’s anatomy.



Hand's knuckles

Hand's knuckles

Select the curve tool and draw a line from the topmost ellipse down to the upper part of the ellipse on the left side of the working area; click and drag the line to make it curved; draw a line from the second topmost ellipse on the right down to where the gorilla´s hand is supposed to be; draw two lines from the middle ellipse down to the where the hand is; draw a slightly curved line for the chest of the gorilla and draw another line down from there for the gorilla’s right arm.

Legs and Arms

Legs and Arms

On the topmost ellipses, erase some lines on the gorilla’ head and face; now, with the ellipse tool selected, draw two circles for the eyes and an ellipse for the ear; select the brush tool and a 3 px line size to draw two orifices for the nose; select again the curve tool and draw a line below the nose down for the mouth; click and drag to make it slightly curved.

How to Draw a Gorilla´s Face?

Gorilla's Face

Gorilla's Face

Erase the outlines in the back leg and arm; select the curve tool and draw the back leg’s fingers; do this by drawing a line across the leg and then click and drag on the line to make it curve, so as to give shape to the gorilla’s feet; draw three small lines for the gorilla’s fingers; perform the same procedure with the gorilla’s left leg. Use the curve tool to draw the gorilla’s hand's knuckles. Now, you can widen and add some color to the line separating the fingers and the gorilla´s arms and legs to make it more noticeable.

Drawing artist

How to Draw the Final Details of a Gorilla’s Drawing

This is the most interesting part of the drawing, since the final details are going to give a realistic look to your gorilla’s drawing. Select the curve line tool and draw two lines up from the nose to the middle of the eyes; now, draw two curved lines on either side of the nose; draw a straight line down from the nose to the mouth. Draw a curved line on the chest for the gorilla’s pectoral muscles.

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Select the brush tool and a 3 px line size to draw the lines across the arm’s knuckles and the gorilla’s feet. As a final detail, retouch the head of the gorilla to make it more ovoide and draw a semicircle inside the gorilla’s ear. Erase any unneeded lines. In the end, your gorilla drawing should look more or less like the one in the picture below.

Drawing of a Silverback Gorilla

Silverback Gorilla

Silverback Gorilla

If you want to give your drawing a more realistic look, you can use more colors and shadows which you can apply to the arms, chest and head. In the end, your drawing will look almost like the gorilla on the beginning icture of this hub.

Now you can start your next drawing of the creature of your choice and don´t forget to use a sketch of your next drawing.

Silverback Gorilla in the Jungle

Interesting Data About Gorillas

Gorillas are vegetarians.

Gorillas obtain most of the water from the plants they eat.

The gestation period of female gorillas is of approximately 9 months, like that of female human being.

Gorillas live in social groups known as troops, consisting of a silverback (adult male) and many adult females and their offspring.

A silver back gorilla will usually interact with the babies in social behavior and will protect them against aggression within the troop.

The mountain gorilla is listed as a critically endangered species.

The DNA of gorillas is 95-99% similar to humans.

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