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How to Draw a Fox


Drawing a Fox is Easy if You Know How to Follow a Few Basic Drawing Steps...

Over the years, I have taught many, many people how to draw.

I have worked with people who thought they had raw artistic talent and those who could barely hold onto a pencil.

One consistent thing I have seen in all of the students I've taught is an innate ability to draw something.

True, some people are a bit ahead due to their natural ability to see things and draw them - BUT anyone can learn to draw by following just a few simple steps.

My intention for this - and all my drawing tutorials - is to help ANYONE learn to draw something.

This does not mean everyone who learns to draw will become a great artist. Only those who will dedicate themselves to practice and learn something new everyday will advance and become better.

Whether or not you become a great artist - or - you just want to learn to draw a fox, well, that is entirely up to you.

So, if you're ready - grab a pencil and some paper and I'll show you how to draw a fox...



Step 1: Begin by Drawing Basic Shapes

As with any drawing, the basic shapes make up the foundation, or beginning of every drawing.

For this first step, simply draw a horizontal line (bottom, or baseline), an inverted triangle that points downward, and two slightly curving vertical lines.

These two vertical lines will connect the triangle with the baseline.



Step 2: Add Some More Basic Shapes

Next you're going to add a series of half circles or semi-circles.

Start at the top by adding two semi-cricular shapes, one on either side of the triangle, as shown. These will be the ears of our fox.

Next, add two semi-cirular shapes at the bottom of the vertical lines, sort of like heart shapes, as shown, These will be the hind legs of our fox.



Step 3: Details on the Head

The triangular shape which you drew in step one is the head of our fox.

On each of the sides, as shown, draw a jagged or "zig-zag" type line. this represents the longer fur on the side of the head.

Also, add a small, curved line inside each ear, as indicated in the drawing to the right.


Draw two lines that follow the outer vertical edges of the head. In the middle of each of these 2 lines, draw a small circle and fill it in. These are the eyes.

Next, fill in the area toward the bottom of the triangle for the nose. Add a few lines for whiskers, as shown.



Step 4: Details on the Body

Draw a semi-circular shape starting at a point just under his right jaw, continuing down around and back up to the left side of his jaw.

It's sort of a "bib" shape.


Step 5: Add the Forelegs

Again, think simple shapes.

The fore legs (front legs) are simply 2 long rectangles with a semi-circular shape on the bottom end.

Study the drawing to the right and draw what you see there.



Step 6: Draw the Tail

Drawing the tail may seem rather challenging at first, but it's really very easy.

Simply draw 2 arching "S-shaped" lines that come together to a point, as shown.

Add a jagged line to define the white tip of the fox tail.




Step 7: Add Some Shading

For this step, simply color in the hind legs and forelegs.

Press down hard on your pencil and make the areas dark, as shown.

If you want to add some more detailed shading, go back to the top of this Hub and take a look at the finished drawing.

I hope you had some fun making this drawing of a fox.

Remember, it's easy to get frustrated when you're drawing but practice and patience will win the day.

Artists typically practice their craft every day for many months and years to get to the point where they would consider themselves to be accomplished or talented artists.

Keep at it and you will be good at it very soon, it simply takes practice.

I guarantee that every drawing of a fox you attempt will teach you something about the next drawing of a fox.

Good luck!


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MKayo (author) from Texas on March 16, 2015:

Thanks, Kristen!

Kristen Howe from Northeast Ohio on March 13, 2015:

Nice hub on how to draw a fox. It does look so easy to do with practice. Voted up!