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Four Easy Steps on How to Create a Simple Valentine's Wreath

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Example of Valentine's Day Wreath

Image of an example wreath for this Valentine's craft project.

Image of an example wreath for this Valentine's craft project.

When Christmas is over, and all the decorations are brought down, one's house may look a bit bare. Luckily, love is in the air in February. It's the perfect opportunity to bedazzle one's welcoming abode with a beautiful, romantic Valentine's wreath upon the door.

Items Needed:

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Heart Shaped Grapevine Wreath
  • Red, Pink and White Roses
  • Baby's Breath Flowers to Accent
  • Green Accenting Foliate
  • Matching Valentine's Bow
  • Floral Craft Wire that matches color of Wreath

Step One: Decide what your wreath will look like. Use inspirational ideas and visualize the layout of the flowers on the heart-shaped wreath. To replicate a similar look as shown in the picture, the heart-shaped wreath will be decorated on the left-hand side with roses, baby's breath, green foliage, and a matching bow. The right side of the wreath will be clear of any decor to showcase the natural grapevines.

Step Two: Buy a Heart-Shaped Grapevine Wreath

Of course, if it's easier to access a grapevine and force-shape the vines into a heart-shape, that's an option. Many craft stores have sales on these grapevine wreaths through the year, and they are excellent for crafts. The small crevices are great for threading floral wire and plant stems into. The small spaces between the grapevines also serve as a way to hang the wreath up using a wreath hanger without having to attach extra ribbon or hardware.

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Step Three: Decorate! Snip off some stems of baby's breath and secure them to the wreath along the left-hand side with floral wire. Next, add the green foliage. Layer the red, pink, and white roses over the foliate and baby's breath, concentrating. Loose floral stumps and stems can be hidden within the nooks and crannies of a grapevine wreath. The glue gun can be used to secure any loose stems or floral stumps. Tie on, glue-gun and wire the bow on the bottom left half of the wreath, as shown in the image.

Step Four: Hang the wreath at a visible place and enjoy for February! As more confidence with wreath-making, other decorations may be considered. One can add a plaque, or a large, painted letter of the family last name, or any other Valentine's related decor that is tasteful. A wreath can get distasteful quickly if too many coordinating aspects are thrown in with the initial roses, baby's breath sprigs, and bow. Many of these items can be found at dollar stores or on discount at craft stores. Homemade wreaths can be updated over the years, stored securely, and will last for many February's to come!

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