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How to Create Your Own Cartoon Character

I am, Vinod Bansal, a highly-skilled content writer from India, specializing in technical writing since 2010.

Are you a cartoon lover? Or enjoy animating your own cartoon character? Here, I will share a fun and quick way of getting a cartoony character.

Often people who do not have skills in graphics think creating cartoon characters is tricky, but it is not now! It is fun to create a cartoon character by listing the characterizing features and qualities. The methods and applications shared in this blog are helpful for those who do not have any experience in cartooning.

With these tools, you can create your own cartoon character with just a single click. The picture they may produce has variable results, with distinct image quality. Some tools ask for money to create one, but some deliver their services for free without even having you sign in.

Read more to learn the quick, effortless, and free way to get your own cartoon avatar.

Online Cartoon Creators

Online avatar creator is the method to animate creative fun characters of yourself! These applications enable online, and you do not need to install the application preferably. Some tools also do not demand you to sign in or register to make them useful.

Their quick and painless accessibility makes them popular among people who want to create their own avatar without stumbling much. Also, the best advantage is that they are free to use. Yes! They are absolutely free to access. But the only weakness that seems in these tools is their less resemblance to the pictures.

However, some applications are now available that use extended AI technology and face recognition algorithms that are helpful to transform images into cartoon characters.

These online tools are quick and fun to use, and you can instantly share them on social media. Applications like work just the same as their name suggests. It quickly alters images into cartoon characters with a single hit on click.

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This online cartoon creator satisfies the following functions-

  • You can convert your image to cartoon avatars with just a single click.
  • They create one single photo into 15 distinct background styles.
  • They use advanced AI technology and a face recognition algorithm that resembles your picture and create a duplicate cartoon avatar.
  • You can also download the illustrated high-quality images for free.
  • This tool does not require signing in or registering while using the application and provides watermark-free images.
  • You can also share your avatars directly on social media.

If you do not have any knowledge in graphic designing or illustrating cartoon characters, this application fits perfectly in your application designing list.

Another Tool That Helps to Convert Photos into a Cartoon Character

The online cartoon creators work amazingly well to turn any picture into an identical cartoon character. But, some other well-known tools, such as Adobe Character Animator, are there in the market that helps create an illustration image.

Unlike online avatar creators, these tools need some skills and experience in illustration or graphic designing. These are not automatic illustrating applications and require some time and knowledge to create an identical character.

These tools work based on applying different filters to the pictures to make them look like cartoon avatars. It is a fun way to build your own avatar and helps you to create various cartoony photos.

The Characteristic feature of Adobe Character Animator

Adobe Character Animator is an application for building animated videos with a comic avatar that employs the motion capture method. Basically, it takes your looks and voice through your camera and mic to create a character.

The best part is you can animate your own cartoon character in these videos. Adobe has an inbuilt feature known as Characterizer, which captures a picture of you and uses various filters to create a cartoon character. It also lets you customize any cartoon character.

However, this tool needs some understanding then anyone can use it. If you have some extra time and want to learn this tool, various tutorial videos are there on the internet to help you use this tool.

If you are someone, who does not have time to invest in learning Adobe Animator, Online Cartoon Creator like is the best option that comes in handy!

Give it a Try; You will Instantly Love This Tool!

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