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How to Create 3 Simple Graffiti Tools | Shoe Polish Mop

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Graffiti Tools

Graffiti Tools

Graffiti Tools

Introduction to Graffiti Tools

Graffiti Tools are essential to any type of graffiti, urban, or street artist. It is these that further assist any one involved in the arts to fulfill there project. While many amateur taggers prefer to begin with expensive manufactured tools, more experienced writers prefer to opt-out of buying from stores and instead create their own graffiti tools.

Below I have listed three simple tagging tools. These can be made in a simple fashion and can save any committed tagger in to saving a lot of money in the long run.

The first item is a simple Bingo Dauber Mop. Known for its consisten paint flow, you can find one at your local dollar store or even Walmart.

The second item is a Kiwi Shoe Polish Mop. This is commonly used on concrete and can be found at just about any convenience store.

The last item is excellent for those who wish to create their own Ink. This can be used and stored for future use. In return, that means more savings for your wallet.

How to Make a Bingo Dauber Mop

  1. Buy a Bingo Dabber
  2. Take the cover off.
  3. Inside you will see a small nib that comes out.Pull that nib out.
  4. Next , remove the plastic item inside the nib piece. This plastic item determines how much ink flow is released so remove it.
  5. Fill the Bingo Dabber with any paint you wish and place the nib back on.

Bingo Dauber Markers

How to Make a NYC Mop

How to Fill a Kiwi Shoe Polish Bottle

Kiwi Shoe Shine Cheap and Convenient

  1. Open it
  2. Remove and pour out shoe dye (or use shoe dye)
  3. Replace it with own ink (¾ paint and ¼ paint thinner)
  4. Close and place piece of shirt over sponge and rubber band around it to prevent it from ripping and ready to go

Kiwi Shoe Shine

KRINK: The Best Drip Ink in Graffiti

How to Make a Pen Ink

Pen Ink (Makes about 1 ½ cups of Ink)


  • 120 Pens (color of your choice black or blue)
  • Rubbing Alcohol (Isopropyl Alcohol)
  • Measuring CupJar with Lid
  • Bottle to set finished ink
  • Dot 3 (Brake Fluid)
  • Tape
  • 2 way glue pen
  • Wire cutters or scissors


  1. Use wire cutters (or scissors) to cut the pens about an inch below the tip
  2. Pull the white tube out
  3. Cut the tube where the ink ends (about less than half is ink it)
  4. Toss each tube into the jar until finished
  5. Fill the jar with the 1 1/2 alcohol (It is okay if all pens are not completely covered by the alcohol)(1/2 cup of alcohol for every 40 pens-it does not have to be perfect)
  6. Let it sit overnight

    The Following Morning

  7. Pour ink into bottle where you will store ink (Floor Cleaning bottle will work like Pinesol)
  8. Add a cap of Dot 3 (Brake Fluid)
  9. Grab your 2 way glue pen and fill with ink
  10. Throw any nut(yes the ones you use for bolts) inside the ink to mix the paint when you shake it
  11. Tape the 2 way glue pen all around to prevent spillage
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Pen Ink Materials

How to make Homemade Ink

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We do not encourage anyone to participate in illegal activities. Please always use proper judgement and permission to create graffiti art.

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What Are Your Favorite Homemade Graffiti Tools?

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Thank you bro......

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Hi, my names jerome I really need your anyone that knows what their doing plz I draw graffiti on paper and it usually comes out good(not bragging) my friends and other people say I'm good! So my old high school I used to attened is having a dance and they asked the people who can help do the graffiti for theme "step up" and my friends all sugested me. So I was wondering if you could help me out and give me some guide lines on how to use spray paint or which method I should use I mean this isn't paper and pen no more this is big.. I just need some help on this one if you can email me then that would be great.. Its on thursday please get back to me any possible way (BBM:2AB62D9B) (whatsapp: +27 72 591 9352) (twitter: @187jerome)

Vimural (author) from Tucson on February 11, 2013:

Thank you! I really enjoyed your hub on television and its benefits. I have witnessed this based on my child's learning on education programs.

Haley from Baltimore, MD on February 11, 2013:

I don't personally know much about how graffiti and street art is made, but a very interesting article. Good job.

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