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How To Yarn Bomb | Illegal Bombing


Yarn Bombers

Secret crafters have begun an underground movement revolution. They take on the night, sneaking around various locations through the city decorating any objects found; from light posts to trees. These decorations are created with knitted or crocheted yarn. There is no limit to what can and can not be touched by this yarn.

Yarn Bombing

These intricate pieces of yarn can be spotted through-out the world. This international trend is currently known as yarn bombing. Yarn bombing is not male-dominated; on the other hand, it is a more-feminine form of graffiti and street art.

Street Post Yarn Bomb

Street Post Yarn Bomb

Yarn Bomb Trees Art

Yarn Bomb Trees Art

Knitting Books to Yarn Bomb

How to Yarn Bomb

In essence, what artists are doing, by covering objects, is using their abilities to brighten things around and beautifying the city. For the most part, they are not trying to convey any socio-political messages. The process of yarn bombing is about personalizing public areas. This type of art is still considered a form of graffiti, since it still involves covering areas with unauthorized material, vandalizing, and littering.

For many, it is much easier to cover something with yarn, as opposed to painting it with spray paint, markers, and other graffiti tools. This also allows younger people to be involved in knitting once again, although many older women are also obtaining adrenaline rushes by participating in yarn bombing.

Over the years, public knitting projects and groups have slowly been evolving into a larger movement. Yarn can be found wrapped around rails, hydrants, trees, bicycles, cars, bridges and even previous sculptures. This warm blanket covers the coldest of urban streetscape.

One of the leaders of this movement is an artist by the name Magda Sayeg. She is known by many as the mother of yarn bombing. Over a small period of time she managed to evolve a small hobby into infiltrating a part of Houston with bright-colored crochets, be commissioned for larger projects, and assemble a crew of yarn bombers called Knitta Please. Many of these yarn bombers photograph, or videotape, their work and expose it on a variety of blogs, vlogs, and websites.

Ultimately, the movement is an attempt to resurrect traditional handicrafts.

June 11 is now known as International Yarn Bombing Day on Facebook.

Yarn Bomb Bus Art

Yarn Bomb Bus Art

Yarn Bomb Statue Art

Yarn Bomb Statue Art


Should Yarn Bomb Be Illegal?

Vimural (author) from Tucson on March 18, 2013:

Normally, since it still a form of "littering and vandalism", it can still be classified as illegal. I would imagine many people to prefer their street objects left alone.

All of the cases I have heard of yarn bomb artists being caught red-handed seem to be nothing but a funny experience for law enforcement. Normally, the artists are just told to stop and take their yarn down. But I agree with you. I love seeing knitting being used outdoors! Thank you:)

Rose Anne Karesh from Virginia on March 18, 2013:

Do you know why people object to yarn bombing? It seems pretty harmless and cheerful, so I'm not sure why people would want it to be illegal. Fun hub!

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