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Quick Tip: How to Take Photos of Fireworks

The fourth of July is right around the corner. I will tell you some tips that you can use to capture that perfect shot during the firework show. Here are some photos that I have taken last year.


Use a tripod and a cable release or wireless remote to trigger the shutter if you have one. When you have your camera set up, turn off your autofocus, otherwise, it might have difficulty locking onto focus. Manually focus your lens at infinity. Now for the camera settings.
Set the camera to a low ISO, around 100-200 will be perfect. Then change the aperture to F/11 is a good starting point. You can adjust it throughout each picture to get the perfect shot you prefer. For the shutter speed. You don't want a fast shutter for fireworks, you want a slow shutter speed. If you have a shutter release or wireless remote. Then you can set your shutter to Bulb mode. This will allow you to keep the shutter open for the entire fireworks burst. You can also keep the shutter open for multiple bursts. If you do not have a shutter remote, you can simply put your shutter speed at six seconds. That will be a good starting point. Just so you don't get any camera shake from pressing the shutter button to take the photo. Just simply put a two-second timer on. That way it will give the camera enough time to stop moving before taking the photo. You should also shoot at the highest quality you can. I personally shoot in RAW formate.

I hope this quick tip was helpful and gives you a nice starting guide to take some amazing photos of the firework show this year. Please feel free to show me some photos of the firework show this year.

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