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How to Make Money From Illustrations on the Internet

How To Make Money From Illustrations On The Internet

How To Make Money From Illustrations On The Internet

In this article, we will look in detail at how to make money from illustrations on the internet, where you can sell them and how to get started.

Ideas and sources of income from Illustrations for all artists and creative people. How to make money online, and who buys illustrations. Types of drawings, and tools for generating income. Practical tips for working on popular websites. We cover it all.

Without finding work in real life, an artist sitting at home can also earn decent money. This is due to the rapid development of computer and electronic technology around the world. As the internet is filled daily with new websites and blogs, artists initially create designs for all of them in the form of beautiful illustrations and pictures.

What will I need to make money from illustrations on the internet?


Before figuring out how to make money from illustrations on the internet, you need to know what tools and programmes you might need for this process:

  • Computer software- Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are two of the most popular and accessible programmes that can be used to draw illustrations
  • Digital pen (optional)-It is a modern tool, which appeared on the consumer market not long ago.
  • Graphic tablet (optional)-This tool is also intended for translating written information on a PC. It comes with two items. The first is a stylus, the second is a tablet. Some companies might include a special mouse with the kit. Best graphic tablet for beginners.

If you are just starting and cannot invest in these. Sketch on paper, scan it (you will need a scanner accordingly) or take a photo and upload the image to an editor. In the future, when you start earning good money, you can draw pictures on a graphic tablet and then you can sketch on the computer right away.

By the way, if the sketch comes out as a beautiful and striking one, it can generate a good amount of money.

Apart from the technical and specialised requirements, to make money from illustrations a home-based artist needs:

  • Creative thinking
  • A great imagination
  • Great desire to work and earn
  • A desire to improve.

How to make money from illustrations on the internet?


Those who are interested in how to make money from drawing on the Internet should know about microstock websites.

Microstock are specialized Internet sites, where any artist can upload his works. Such websites allow both self-taught artists and professionals to make more sales from the comfort of their home. Micro - because the content is sold at a small price, and Stocks - because not only photos can be uploaded, but also videos, illustrations, drawings, etc. When the content is purchased, the author receives a royalty based on a rate determined.

The low cost is compensated by the ability to sell the same illustration or picture multiple times (with no restrictions), which multiplies the creator's earnings. The automated process makes the transaction happen instantly.

These websites usually sell and buy photographs, illustrations and videos. The creator should immediately think about what kind of audience the image is intended to sell, and where it can be used. The more contemporary the designs are the better.

Websites where you can make money from your work


Now that we have already sorted out the question of whether it is possible to make money drawing vector graphics on the Internet, now lets dive in and elaborate on what websites you can upload your work on.

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It should be noted that the artist does not have to choose any one particular microstock. On the contrary, it is recommended to start earning from several ones. As time passes and the experience gained, one can judge which trading platform is more profitable.

One microstock has a rating for the number of sales, the other is known for higher prices for the content. Therefore, each artist has to determine for himself what suits them better.

For example, here are the 2 most famous and recommended sites :

  • Shutterstock is one of the largest marketplaces today, with more than 20 million images and other content. Contributors receive 60% of the sales value of uploaded illustrations and images. The company pays $450 million in royalties to creators annually.
  • Dreamstime is a simple and straightforward microstock for the average sales level, suitable even for beginners because you can start selling immediately after registering. The author can receive from 30% to 50% of the price of the purchased image.

Who buys from these websites?

Clients of microstock sites include designers, advertising agencies, bloggers, newspapers, publishers, magazines etc. To use such a resource is a great opportunity to buy quality content at a reasonable price. In this case, no copyrights are violated and every purchase comes with a licensee.

Especially suitable for smaller projects or non-profitable projects where a company cannot hire an in house illustrator or the company has risks involved.

How much money can be made from illustrations and drawings on the internet

The question of whether you can make money from stock illustrations is now a very popular one among artists. The answer is definitely positive. In addition, it is noticed that today, the value of sales of illustrations has already reached the number of photographs. And authors get a much higher fee for the same amount of work for illustrations than photographs.

One of my friends was engaged in microstock only for 4 months and then stopped uploading works. But he still receives monthly payments, though not so much (in the range of $100, even though he has not been doing it for 5 years), because his works are still in demand.

The royalty on the sale of a single illustration or picture varies roughly from 0.25 to 0.40 cents. This is certainly not much for half a day of content production, but considering that one job at microstock is bought many times, it ends up paying a decent amount.

That is, the more the author will add unique illustrations and pictures to his portfolio, the more he will be able to earn. And if you have a huge amount of work, you can even go on holiday for a month and get a decent amount of royalties all this time.

From the transaction price of one purchased image or illustration, the author receives approximately 20%-40% or 0.25-0.40 cents. But if your image was purchased with an extended subscription, you can get anywhere from $2.85 to $70 per sale.

Verdict! After accumulating a portfolio of about 500 works, the author can earn from them for about $100 per month. If their number increases to 5 thousand, the monthly total income will be 1 - 5 thousand dollars. Depending upon the quality and creativity.

Drawing tips for making money from microstock


For those who are actively seeking information on how to make good money from drawing on the Internet, it is recommended to pay attention to the following tips:

  1. Find some famous bloggers who are already established and try to learn from their experience. This will save a lot of time and help prevent common mistakes.
  2. Continuously improve your Adobe Illustrator skills by watching video tutorials or joining online courses.
  3. If you are serious about it, get your priorities right and spend most of your time creating illustrations.
  4. Regularly review the work that is at the top. For a picture to be in demand from buyers, you don't have to create something that is in your head, but something that is constantly being bought from other contributors.
  5. Make sure the illustrations are crafted well, even if it is a small logo. It is important to pay attention to detail and create good quality graphics.
  6. Try focusing on different versions of the same subject.

That said, don't try to compare the quality of your illustrations with the work of experienced and top stockers. For every unique picture, sooner or later there will be a buyer.


Earnings from images on the microstock need to be taken seriously. If you treat it as a hobby, there will be no growth in income, because it is a painstaking, day-to-day job. The rewards of such activities are constant self-development, free time and self-fulfilment

Today, it is one of the profitable and uncomplicated ways for people with skills as artists to earn not only additional but also main income.

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