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How to Make Candles From Scratch - What You Need to Know About Making Your Own Candles


The History of Making Candles

Candles dates back to primitive times and like all things back then they have come a long way; from being a source of light and a source of warmth as well...however now that are used more as decorations to put up in your house, some scented and filling the house with an aromatic scent.

I can't tell you an exact date when candles were invented or first used however, there are cay candle holders which were found in Egypt from 4 BC.Other cases included places like ancient China and Japan who made the wax by extracting it from insects and seeds where as candles in India extracted their as from boiled cinnamon. There are many more references to candles dating back a while.

Wax took a bit of time to get right, Tallow was used at first which is the by product of animal fat. The only problem with this form of wax is that the smell was very displeasing, this is why alternatives such as bees wax and paraffin wax came into play.

Fast forward to today and candle making is a popular hobby and also business too. The market is filled with a variety of candles all with different scents too. There are big business that produce tons of candles but there are also independent who do small batches and it isn't just for business use, people also make them for fun; personally for the home or as a gift to give somebody else and is a great activity for getting the family involved in.

The candle industry has become huge since it started, people now consider them more of a luxury item, not something that you really use for light and/or heat.There are new candles being made all the time and people experimenting with new things such as colours and the scent and what style or shape they are going for as well.

3 Basic Rules for Candle Making

Cavemen used to use candles to help them see while they painted on cave walls, this can be proven by the wax and remains of candles found in the caves of France. Back then candles were essential for the need of light and even heat, but due to the invention of electricity and heat for us, it isn't something we use in that way. Candles these days are used as decorations, luxurious accessories that are used to decorate the inside of your house.

For this reason a lot of people want to try their own hand at making candles, these accessories that you can make your own and fit in the house would be great.Many people do this and make money off of it by selling their candles to friends and even independently, some just do it so they can just have fun like a hobby should provide, the ability to experiment with different styles, scents and waxes.

  • Safety First

Safety is crucial when making candles, you basically are playing with fire. You will be dealing with hot wax which you should be careful with as it could lead to major burns to the skin but also if you spill it it can lead to dangers such as tripping and falling. It would be worth keeping a fire extinguisher to hand just so that if anything happens then you are prepared for the worst if it does arise.

  • Start Simple

I know you all would love to be making some incredible candles straight away but like everything if you are just getting into it, then you will want to ease yourself into it. Choose a simple design to make and learn the fundamentals of how to make a basic candle first. Once you are confident with your safety habits, melting and cooling the wax an molding your candle as well then it is time to step up another level.

  • Keep Learning

Life is all about learning, that is how you get better and the same applies here. You will want to learn as you go along, what works and what doesn't. Have a look online and see what people are saying, are there any books that you can read about this hobby? Is there anyone you can ask about it if you have questions? If you are willing to learn I guarantee that you will find this hobby fun, however if you aren't and don't have the basic rules in play then you will more than likely struggle to enjoy it as much.


A Few More Tips For Your Candles

It might sound like it is a fairly simple hobby which in a way is true but making your own DIY candles can be frustrating if you don't really know what you're doing.

  • Be prepared

There are risks of severe burns when it comes to making candles, for this reason you have to make sure that you are prepared. This means a fire extinguisher just in case and you will want to wear old clothes and that the sleeves don't dip into the wax while using it.

You should also be prepared for any spills, anything that you spill whether on the floor or on a surface could be hazardous . Make sure you constantly clean up after yourself though.

  • Create separate areas to work in
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A lot of people work in the kitchen, some people have their own little room that they can do this in but just use whatever you can.

You will need somewhere do your preparation, meting process and also the cooling process too.

  • Preparation section

This section can be a standard counter top. This is where it all begins, you will want to keep all your equipment here . This is where you star prepping your candle (you should know which one you are making as this point)"

  • Melting Section

This is where you want to get your wax melted so you will need access to your stove but you have to be careful though (1) safety for your safety (2) because when heated the molecular structure of wax can be damaged so don't heat it too high too fast. If this happens the candle itself will not be as stable.

  • Cooling Section

This is where you will cool your candle down so a position like the top of a counter is fine. This section should be somewhere the candle will not be disturbed as well as it can cause problems to the final outcome of the candle. This means no direct sunlight either. You can also create a mold if you wish at this stage, this is where you would pour the wax through at this stage and then allow to cool.

Make sure you take proper precautions when getting into making your own candles. Just as long as you are prepared for anything that could happen safety wise you should be fine. Keep learning the fundamentals of these candles as you make them and keep learning about them, before you know it you'll be making your own candles soon.

Candle Making Problems? Some Quick Solutions

Candle making is not for everyone, you might think it is what you want to do but you might hit a few hurdles on the way. Just like many though the question is are you going to ump the hurdle or just give up?

There are many things which can go wrong but that doesn't mean that you give up straight away you learn about it and then move on from there.If you start out simple with simple candles then you learn more about how they work and then you can move onto the harder ones after , if you start small and from the beginning as well then the problems you have should have a very simple fix.

  • Always use great products

It might take some time to know which brand to use for your own candles but you need to make sure that you are buying the highest quality material for your candles. They aren't expensive and if you skimp out on the quality just to save money then you will find that your candle quality is low as well and you will be spending more time and money to fix this. One secret to making great candles is to use quality products. In general, candle making supplies are inexpensive. If the wax you purchase is of poor quality, then it is never going to make quality candles.

  • Struggling to get the fragrance from your candle?

Sometimes you might find that your candle will produce more smoke than the scent that you wanted. This is a very quick and simple fix, as it just means that the wick on the candle is too big and just needs to be cut down a little bit as well to give you that vanilla or jasmine scent to fill the house.

  • Why is there a crater in the middle of my candle

If you are making a candle in a jar sometimes you will get the problem where a crater forms and that is all that burns leaving the sides really untouched. Once again this is problem that arises from the wick as it is not wide enough. Next time making it thicker or braiding them together will give you a better wick and a quick solution to that problem.

  • My candles are weak and a bit deformed

One solution from this stems from the cooling process. You need to make sure that when you put your candles to cool they are not disturbed by anything or anyone. You will want them in a cool place and you will want them out of the way of sunlight. You cannot rush this stage as it is crucial for the stability of a candle. You've made it this far you just need to wait a bit longer!

If you notice that your cooled candle isn’t as appealing as you’d like because the wax pulled away from the glass jar in some areas, try heating your jars in the microwave for a minute or two right before you fill them. This will help the wax adhere to it correctly with a very smooth look all the way around the jar.

Once you've got the grips of making simple candles then you can start to move on to different ones and playing around with different scents, shapes and styles. The bets thing about candle making is that you have the freedom to experiment with what you want. Take a look around the internet and see if there is anymore information like this that you can find to help you expand your knowledge on the matter.

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