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How to Make a Mask From Fabrics

I took my time to create the mask. First, I tried many designs. I did a lot of testing. I feel confident that anyone can make this mask.

This is a picture of the mask.

The mask can be made from fabric that protects your life. 100% cotton can protect your health, not 100 % but it is a fast safety measurement until you can add a disposable mask under. Or you can get the 100% protection mask.

Finished Mask

Materials To Gather To Make The Mask

1 a piece of 100% cotton fabric 8 by 8 square or cubic length

2 tape measurements

3 a pair of scissors

4 pins

5 tread that mashes the fabric

6 needle

7 sewing machine

8 elastic to secure the mask on the ears

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How To Secure The Ruffles On The Mask


The Sewing Mask Copy Of The Disposable Mask

One of the reasons, I did the mask. It is because of some. It is difficult to find a mask to wear. I used a double mask to do my work. My customers are responsible for humans. They come with masks on. If for some reason one of them forgets. I have a disposable mask ready for them to wear while I work on their hair. I check my temperature and themselves too before I start my work. Most people are between 96 and 97 body temperatures. The mask safe lives.

Detailed Materials

Cotton Fabric

Tape measurements


Craft Scissors


Sewing machine




Back of the mask


How To Secure The Piece Of Fabric To Sew It

Place the square fabric flat on a table. first, the fabric needs to be secure by pins in each ruffle. The mask Has to have three ruffles. Two ruffles are half an inch wide. One two inches wide. Each side the same measurements apply. Secure each ruffle with one pin. All the pins used are six. After the pins are secure to minimize the side. The fabric needs to fold the ruffles by hand with a tread and a needle. The sewing machine is used to sew and secure the ruffles to create the mask. Finally, the fabric is sewed by the machine around the edges creating the folding with a quarter-inch inside the back face of the front face fabric. The small part of the side mask needs a tube or a casing to add a piece of elastic to hold the mask on the ears. The elastic is an individual measurement to use the right fitting on the face.



Ana Maria Orantes (author) from Miami Florida on October 09, 2020:

Hello miss Rebecca Mealey. I am glad. You find the article helpful. It is true. Some people need a little help to make the mask. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I wish you stay safe. You are welcome.

Rebecca Mealey from Northeastern Georgia, USA on October 05, 2020:

Very helpful these days. Thanks for sharing your skills.

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