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How To Draw A Scary Clown

Scary Clowns And Drawing Them

Trying to make a clown scary is good fun in drawing, you take something that could appear sinister already and you turn it into something even more sinister and evil. There is just something evil about clowns anyway, the way they laugh and smile with their clown make up on.

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I for one, have never ever been scared of clowns, but others have, which makes it a great subject to create a scary clown drawing right here, right now!

Example Of A Bad And Nasty Clown Face

Zombie Clown Drawing By Wayne Tully.Copyright  2010 Wayne Tully

Zombie Clown Drawing By Wayne Tully.Copyright 2010 Wayne Tully

This clown will rob a bank, see the look on his face and his afro wig!!Copyright  2010 Wayne Tully

This clown will rob a bank, see the look on his face and his afro wig!!Copyright 2010 Wayne Tully

First Random Lines For Your Scary Clown Face

How to draw a scary clown.

How to draw a scary clown.

Just A Few Sketches To Get The Idea Of Your Scary Clown

I've decided to do a face profile from the side to hopefully show an evil grin from the clown, as this would make for a scary clown, all the basic lines are there, to give me an idea and once these are lightly drawn in, we can continue with the drawing.

As you can see the clowns nose is in place and the whacky hair is there, so all we need to do is build that up more by sketching more focused.

Scary Clown Face Development

How to draw a scary clown face.

How to draw a scary clown face.

Give Your Scary Clown Face Some Eyes And Other Details

 Drawing in some details works at this point and it something that maybe some planning could help to get better results, I drew this clown face quite randomly and straight off the bat, so there was no real planning, just a get one with it approach.

I've built up some of the clowns features and that all important spiky toothed evil grin and the eyes I have gone for something similar to snake eyes, just to jazz it up a little.

The Scary Clown

Inked Clown Drawing.Copyright  2010 Wayne Tully

Inked Clown Drawing.Copyright 2010 Wayne Tully

Inking The Clowns Image

 Adding ink is always a favourite, I use one of two types of inks, if I am feeling in a professional mood I use Idian ink as it is one of the best inks for the comic book medium, plus it's dark as hell too and works quite fine.

The other inks I use are the fountain pen ink with the plastic nibs and these work ok too, so it's just about finding your own way of working really, because when it comes down to it you may not ink your drawings anyway, it comes down to personal choice and I prefer to ink them.

I go over the pencil lines but I try to better the pencils in some way, I try to build up the clown face more with the ink, because I know it will be permanent, so I draw lines more fuller or just add a few simple cross hatching marks here and there.

Scary Clowns, Are The Scary?

google on October 20, 2013:

awesome drawing

logan on September 09, 2013:

i think u rock

bob on April 13, 2012:

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Wayne Tully (author) from Hull City United Kingdom on March 03, 2012:

Awesome! wake her up from her coffin and get her to work....

hunter on March 03, 2012:

worst clown ever not scary at all my grandmal can draw a clown better than you

love on February 20, 2012:

hi wats up in hungry

texis on January 31, 2012:


livi on December 13, 2011:

A maz ing !!! the is the best clown to freak out my bff!! she h8s clowns !!!

wtf on October 21, 2011:

awesome clowns !!

alex on May 27, 2011:


lili jj on March 15, 2011:

wow a clow that look scary

kellzz on February 14, 2011:

i like this website


artist on January 28, 2011:

don't be skard bbbbbbbooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

andee on January 28, 2011:

i am the artist hoow droow them

Amber on January 18, 2011:

Do not remind me of IT!!!!

brit on November 18, 2010:

your clowns look great and so do you can you draw a clown to put on my twat

shak attack on November 04, 2010:

eeeer it looks like ur mums tit u cant

sophie on October 26, 2010:


chase M. on October 12, 2010:

all the bllod freaks me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

KIMM on October 08, 2010:


g on September 16, 2010:


hustin on August 05, 2010:


artur on July 30, 2010:

i love it

enrique on May 13, 2010:

beast frigin clown man

artist (>")> on April 09, 2010:

hey wayne tully that pic of scary clown the secound one u got an idea of the warriors from the 70's? cuz ive seen that movie btw im 12 =[)

Wayne Tully (author) from Hull City United Kingdom on April 04, 2010:

Scary clowns..... scary clowns they're everywhere, under your bed and in your pants..... scary clowns!!!!!!!

mojo on April 03, 2010:

THERE SURE ARE SOME SCARY CLOWNS not really my friend janey has been hiding behind my back LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DeathSnogger on April 02, 2010:

that i have had ago at drawing ohh my god it is really hard to do you should try a little sketch of it try it because if i can do a little sketch of it then so can you ???????????????????????????????????????????

Wayne Tully (author) from Hull City United Kingdom on March 24, 2010:

Clowns are cool and my drawings are copyrighted, but you can draw from inspiration and use them to practice....

JORDIE on March 24, 2010:

i really like the clowns good job man, and are we aloud to use them

Wayne Tully (author) from Hull City United Kingdom on March 10, 2010:

Yes they are scary, clowns look like clowns from killer clowns from outer space, remember that film?, classic!

Pamela Lipscomb from Charlotte, North Carolina on March 09, 2010:

How to draw a scary clown? Heck, they're all scary!

Wayne Tully (author) from Hull City United Kingdom on February 28, 2010:

Yeah they all float! I like that clown from IT!

Cheers now!

Red_Dragon on February 28, 2010:

After seeing IT these things have never been the same, great job yo.

Ace G on February 09, 2010:

Nice fukkin clown man..!

bj on January 29, 2010:

MAN i love the clown

dwight on December 19, 2009:

the clowns are fukin awesome and hectick

greg on October 24, 2009:

wow...what a bee-atch

Wayne Tully (author) from Hull City United Kingdom on October 22, 2009:

Allllllllllllllllllrighty then!

Dorothy on October 22, 2009:

omg that is so easy i could do that any day yeah i need to go somewhere else to get a face because im doin a art prject and im not using that face !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wayne Tully (author) from Hull City United Kingdom on October 18, 2009:

Thanks Emma and Cool...yeah I think I'll have to go over the initial drawings to make them darker so they show up, thanks for your comments!

cool on October 18, 2009:

it good but i cnt c the lines that well

emma on October 17, 2009:

the clowns look awesome,Im drawing it for an art project!

rebecca on July 08, 2009:

lol they look funny :)

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