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How To Create Your Own Anime Bullet Journal: The Ultimate Guide

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Susan is a bullet journal enthusiast and loves writing about the best bullet journaling tips and inspiration!

Create An Anime Bullet Journal

Want to create your own anime bullet journal? In this guide, we're going to take a look at how to make use of an anime theme within your bullet journal, plus the best tips and cool example layouts to take a look at too! You'll learn about the best techniques and tips to create cool anime-themed spreads, as well as learn the matching aesthetics that work best together.

Ready to get started? Let's begin!


Anime Stickers

To get started creating the anime aesthetic in your bullet journal, I'd recommend adding some anime stickers to your layouts and journal spreads! These stickers can include paper and PVC stickers, which are all available in online stores. They often depict cute anime characters as well as speech bubbles containing quotes said by characters. These would work amazingly well in a bullet journal!

Where to Find Anime Stickers

There are several online stores that sell anime stickers, including many stores on Etsy! I've found some beautiful anime stickers on stores available on Etsy.

To get started, simply search for anime stickers on Etsy and you'll be good to go! The best results will appear, and you can peruse these to see which would look best with your bullet journal.

Other sites include AliExpress as well as Ebay too.

Getting inspiration from manga can be a great way to help kickstart your creativity!

Getting inspiration from manga can be a great way to help kickstart your creativity!

Include Cute Cartoons or Clipart From Free Clipart Sites

You can also find your very own clipart from free sites such as Open Clipart, where you're allowed to use the clipart provided there for free!

I've provided an example of some clipart I've found there, which I think is truly adorable and would look amazing in any anime-themed bullet journal spread!

If you're looking for some ideas, then I'd recommend browsing through some of these sites to see what's available, and try incorporating them into your spreads. From cute animals to beautiful nature clipart, there's a huge selection for you to choose from!

Some cute cartoons also look adorable in anime-themed bullet journal spreads.

Some cute cartoons also look adorable in anime-themed bullet journal spreads.

Add Some Washi Tape

You can also add washi tape to your layouts, to give it an extra pop of color and vibrance. There are a huge plethora of cute washi tapes for you to choose from, including floral patterns, geometric patterns, and so much more. I've found that when creating my own anime bullet journal, geometric washi tape looks great with anime stickers! I've tried out stripes, polka dots and other patterns, and their elegant beauty look lovely alongside the aesthetic imagery.

You should also aim to combine anime stickers and washi tape of a similar aesthetic, for example, if you've just added a pink aesthetic image or sticker, then I'd recommend going for a washi tape with an aesthetic that matches the pink aesthetic, such as the neon purple aesthetic.

Washi Tape Foundations

Some washi tape can be great to begin with, before you add your anime stickers!

Some washi tape can be great to begin with, before you add your anime stickers!

Create Themes

Another cool technique you can try out is recreating themes in your bullet journal. A great resource which lists a variety of themes is this article on cute bullet journal ideas. This would involve combining stickers and imagery together that have the same tones or overall aesthetic. For example, if you have anime stickers or images that have purple tones throughout, you could try adding some purple cloud imagery or violet neon signs too!

If you have anime stickers from a particular series, for example, you could try creating a collage from these together. Or, you could try combining stickers of a similar visual aesthetic together, for example anime stickers with a similar color scheme.

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Add Pastel Highlights

One aesthetic that works particularly well with the anime aesthetic is the pastel aesthetic! Since gentle pastels work well with dreamlike imagery, you're sure to create a breathtaking layout if you incorporate these aesthetics together.

You could add pastel washi tape, for example, by adding some to the corners of images or polaroid images. Or you could add some pastel highlighter lines to your layouts too.

I've also provided some examples of pastel images down below, which showcases the beauty of the pastel aesthetic! It works wonderfully in conjunction with anime images, so I'd definitely recommend giving it a try!

Here's an example of a cute sticker!

Here's an example of a cute sticker!

Incorporate Other Matching Aesthetics

You can also incorporate other aesthetics into your bullet journaling, especially those that work well with the anime aesthetic!

Examples include the neon purple aesthetic, imagery with neon signs, and beautiful, willowy clouds.

I've combined some examples into a collage below, to help inspire you!

Aesthetics That Work Well With the Anime Aesthetic

  • Purple aesthetic
  • Neon purple aesthetic
  • Pink aesthetic
  • Pastel aesthetic
  • Neon yellow aesthetic

plus there are many more! In general, subtle and gentle hues work beautifully with the anime aesthetic. However, bolder and brighter neon imagery can also look amazing too! You should aim to go for dreamy, almost vaporwave-like imagery and you're sure to create an amazing layout.

These Would Look Great With Anime Imagery!

Some images from the pastel aesthetic to inspire you! These would look great with anime imagery!

Some images from the pastel aesthetic to inspire you! These would look great with anime imagery!

Add Lettering and Titles

No anime bullet journal is complete without some creative lettering and titles!

I've provided an example layout below, which incorporates some lovely lettering to recreate a cool quote.

There are all sorts of cool anime-themed titles you can add to your bullet journal, including pastel titles, hand lettering and calligraphy. You could for example, hand letter the month or week and create a theme surrounding the color scheme used for this title.

I've also written an article on 10 creative title ideas, in case you want to learn more about various ways to create cool titles for your spreads!


Other Ephemera You Could Add

Other ephemera or illustrations you could add include:

  • Speech bubble stickers: These work amazingly well with anime stickers in general! You can buy these online, I'd definitely recommend trying them out!
  • Aesthetic printable stickers: Why not print out some aesthetic sticker printables and add them to your bullet journal? Some pastel hexagons or planner dots could look great in your anime-themed layouts, since these aesthetics can often work well with anime journal themes.
  • Lines, dots and arrows: You can also buy arrow stickers, which could be great for pointing to your favourite anime stickers or clipart!
  • Gel pen illustrations: Why not add some cute gel pen illustrations within your journal spreads? From cute, adorable moons to twinkling stars, there are so many cool illustrations you can add. Bullet journal stencils can also help with this too!

There's no limit to the types of ephemera you can add, so make sure to go ahead and get as creative as you like with this!

Hopefully you've found out how to create your own anime bullet journal!

Thanks so much for reading, I really hope that you've found this guide useful! As you can see, I'm a huge fan of bullet journaling in general and recreating certain aesthetics is something I've always loved doing. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, make sure to leave them in the comments section below! I'd love to hear any thoughts you have on anime bullet journaling!

Thanks again for reading, and wishing you all the best with your bullet journaling journey!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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