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How To Choose Photo Frames

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A specialized photo frame


A wide variety of photo frames

There are so many types of photo frames available in the market that choosing a suitable one for your favorite photo is quite a hassle. I am no expert in the art of choosing photo frames, if ever there is such a phrase. Of course there is no such term. I just wish to share with you my long association with photo frames and to give some tips on how to choose photo frames.

During my younger days, my hobby was in photography; taking pictures. Taking pictures in those days were not as easy and cheap as at present time. With the digital cameras, taking pictures have no special meaning or challenge anymore. During those days of using negatives, taking good pictures require some photographic skills. That much for photography, but now it is about how to choose photo frames.

During those years, whenever I managed to capture a “masterpiece” with my camera, I would be proud to display it. And there were many “master pieces”! Buying photo frames for them was not a very good and practical option, because of the cost and difficulty in choosing the matching sizes. So I got the idea of making “posters” out of them, sticking the picture on a piece of plywood or sometimes a hard cardboard. Take a look at the water lily “poster” below. This is a decent sized poster of 2 feet by 20 inches. I took that picture years ago.

Water lily poster


Buying photo frames again

Over the years, I have purchased so many photo frames than I care to remember. Life changes; lifestyle also changes over time. When you have kids growing up, you like to display their pictures. When they have grown up and left their nests, those pictures seemed to be a bit out of place, and off they go to retire in the store-room. That was what happened to my adventure with photographs and photo frames. I thought I would never associate with photos and photo frames again. Sorry, I forget to disclose my age, although those who follow my writings will know that I am over 60. Life is a never-ending adventure with surprises awaiting at hidden corners. When I thought I would just relax and spend all my time at the computer, sharing my thoughts with readers across the world, my wife suddenly suggested, “We need to buy photo frames.”

The next chapter of our life’s journey has started. We now have a handful of photos to display. Not my master pieces, this time; but the adorable faces of my two grand-daughters! Happily we went shopping for photo frames, and ended up with this article.

Photo frames are solely for displaying photos

This may seem obvious; photo frames are solely for displaying photos. In the process of choosing the photo frames, my mind was to choose those that have the most attractive design. In the shop, I told my wife I particularly fancied the brass-style frame. It is beautiful. My wife cautioned that the frame may be too loud and too decorative that it may overwhelm the photo. I was too biased to listen. Now that was my mistake. I hope you learn from my mistake. Remember, we are not choosing the photo frames to display them for their design, but to frame photos which are the objects of attention. The photo must take center-stage framed by a decent looking frame that complements it. Take look at the brass-style frame below, and you will understand. The frame design simply overwhelms the photo which in the first place should be the main object of attention. Well, as a compromise, I display the frames next to my decorative brass mirror, a sort of blending them together.

Too bold a frame for my liking


Blend-in with the brass-framed mirror


Frame #1:Simple with white border


Frame #2:Simple frame enhances the tapestry


Frame #3:Floral design


Right type of photo frame to enhance the photo

The photo frame must only serve to frame the photo. The photo must always be the center of attraction or attention. With this simple rule in mind, I hope you get to choose the appropriate frames for your beautiful photos. I like to share with you the photo frames which I think have done a good job enhancing the photos on display in my home.

Frame #1 shows a studio shot in a simple brownish frame with a white border. Frame #2 shares this simplicity in frame design, allowing the eyes to focus on the artistic colorful tapestry. Frame #3 has a floral design which enhances the innocence of the two little sisters.

You will see more samples of photo frames as you scroll down.

More samples of photo frames

Frame #4 is a bit unique in design with very broad horizontal borders. This seems to be the right frame for the display of a piece of Chinese calligraphy. Frame #5 is a photo montage done by a kindergarten center for its young graduates. Frames #6 and #7 are theme or specialized photo frames whereby the photos displayed should fit the themes. Frame #8 is a poster-type frame which provides a simple and yet effective display.

Frame #4:Unique frame for Chinese caligraphy


Frame #5:Montage-type frame


Frames #6&7:Specialized frames


Frame #8:Simple poster frame


My brass-framed full-size mirror


My favorite brass mirror frame and aluminum-tooling artwork

And to add a touch of glass, is my favorite full-size mirror held firmly by a decorative brass frame. If you are curious about the quotation on the top left of the mirror, it is my own quotation which reads : "Be a mirror, not a trumpet."

Oh yes, I almost forget, the conversation piece of artwork, graciously displayed on the wall of my sitting room. This aluminum-tooling artwork measuring 36 inches by 32 inches takes pride of place and is embraced unobtrusively by a simple narrow wooden frame with a golden strip around it. The “three pretty flutists” seem to be forever watchful over the affairs of the home.

Aluminum-tooling artwork : Frame of the three pretty flutists


Unique photo frames

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