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How I Discovered Crochet and Why You Should, Too: Crochet and Creation

Emerson loves beautiful things, whether it be a crisp autumn walk or a Monet painting. She loves to crochet, run, read, and write.

Finding joy in a crochet chevron


What is Crochet?

That's what I asked myself when I first heard the word. I knew how to knit (my mother had taught me with a pair of old needles we found in the knitting box and a ball of ratty yarn from a kit of my grandmother's) but I'd never heard of crochet before until my mother mentioned in when looking through the sewing box yet again. That sewing box introduced me to a lot of new things, and one of them was the hook - a purple metal hook that read 5.0 mm on it.

Crochet, a little bit like knitting, uses a device to work yarn into a piece of fabric that can be described as "woven." In knitting, you use a pair of needles to work the yarn, whilst in crochet, you only use one hook. You can crochet garments, amigurumi, hats, scarves, and more with some twists of the wrist and a ball of yarn. Crochet is imagination. Crochet is creation.

A Crochet Squirrel I Created


Learning Crochet

There's a whole world behind crochet, but it takes some time to find it.

I learned to crochet using videos online. I had a ball of purple yarn and my purple hook (the color coincidence was fate to ten-year-old me, I just had to learn how to crochet my purple yarn with my purple hook), and the family computer open in front of me. My brother and my mother went to swimming practice when they came back, I had learned to crochet. What I didn't know was that I had only watched the very first part of the video, which described the first row of crochet. The other rows were worked differently, so I crocheted the wrong way for at least a year of my crochet education.

At first, all crochet was to me was pink rectangles (I only had pink yarn in the sewing box back then, dark pinks and light pinks and bright pinks and neon pinks). There was the occasional square, and sometimes I sewed the rectangles together, leaving one long side open, to create a "purse". I remember being absurdly proud when I made two long purple-pink rectangles, sewed them up on three sides, and then filled with a case with pencils, my first pencil case (even though the pencils promptly fell out.) I remember watching youtube videos to understand stitches - my mother would bring my brother to piano lesson, by the time they were back, I had learned the double crochet stitch. My brother's soccer practice - herringbone stitch. They got more complicated and more complicated, and yet all I had was rectangles.

It was then, searching up how to crochet a hat (winter was coming, and I was finally getting the feeling that there was more to crochet then just rectangles), that I found the blogs. The websites. The channels. There were heaps of free crochet patterns out there, just waiting for me! I learned how to crochet my first hat with the help of a pattern that was named something like, "5 Minute Chunky Beanie" (the five minutes got me), looking up all the stitches I needed that I didn't know, looking up stitch abbreviations. My brother came home with my mother from yet another class, and I had crocheted a hat.

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Some Boho Coasters I Created


Creating Crochet

It was many projects later that I came to realize the real potential of crochet. I had made scarves, hats, fingerless gloves, cowls, blankets, coasters, dishcloths, phone cases, all of that. All of these patterns I accessed on the web, where crochet designers wrote down their patterns for others to use.

One day I didn't feel like looking at a pattern, so I took out a hook and some yarn and just started experimenting. I chained a few, hooked around for a bit, then sewed the ends together. I made a cup cozy, and I was so proud. That was the first pattern I actually created without using a pattern. That cozy was all my own.

I made slippers, shirts, sweaters, dishcloths, coasters, hats, cowls, all using my own designs. I recorded all of them and wrote them down. I loved the freedom that crochet gave me, the freedom to create whatever I wanted. It was a step forward from reading normal patterns. I was creating.

Some of my Crochet Hat Creations


Publicizing Crochet

I came across an article on a crochet blog that really resonated with me. It was about starting my own crochet blog, and how you could make an income doing what you loved.

So, I did. I invested in my very own blog, took all the patterns I'd written down, and published them online on my blog for others to access and use. I was ecstatic. My blog, Joy 2 Create (, is still online today, and I'm still writing up patterns for it. It's a dream come true.

A Crochet Creation Work In Progress


Finding Your Own Joy 2 Create

I hope this article inspired you. It isn't only about crochet, in fact, it's about creation. It's about doing something you love and using it to create something all your own. It's about sharing your creations with others. It's about finding Joy in Creation. Because there is so much Joy 2 be found in Creation.

You just have to look for it.


Lady Dazy from UK on May 11, 2021:

I enjoy Crochet and I find it easier to do than knitting because it seems to grow faster and there are not so many stitches to drop.

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