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How Crochet Changed My Life

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Cherry is a self-taught crocheter and crochet became one of her favorite hobbies.

When the quarantine started, I tried a new hobby which was crocheting. I saw a video tutorial and I was immediately hooked. I ordered my first set of hooks and yarns on online shop. While I was waiting for my materials to arrive, I've read articles, watched tutorials. I was very eager to start crocheting.

The first thing that I did was practice the basic stitches. A week later, I made my first project - a crop top. I finished it in two days and I got confident. I haven't even made my first granny square when I decided to make my second project - a sweater. I followed a video tutorial and finished the project in four days. Then I noticed the size was wrong, the measurements were different from the pattern I followed and the yarn used was heavy and itchy. My sister didn't even wear it. It was a complete failure. It was frustrating and confusing. I realized how ambitious I was not only in crocheting but life in general.

Aside from me being ambitious, i was impatient. After that failed sweater, I tried crocheting different projects because I wanted to redeem myself. That time when I didn't understand the pattern or I made a wrong stitch, I immediately gave up. There were so many projects I stopped working on because of my impatience and pride.

I had a realization - to always start with the basics. I never make something big unless I know how to build the foundation. It is okay to be ambitious but always remember success cannot be achieved overtime. Now I was very proud that a year after I started crocheting, I became more relaxed. My focus now was taking things slowly but carefully. I've created tons of project that my family was using.I was also planning to start a small business. I wanted to share this wonderful craft. Crocheting is relaxing as well as it provides opportunity to know yourself better.

I will always be grateful with crochet as it became my eye opener and stress reliever. It also unleashed my inner creativity. It made me realized many things about life. It taught me to be a better person.

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Life is like a crochet pattern, always expect changes and adjustments.

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