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Harry Potter Scarves to Knit

Kimberly has taught knitting, crochet, and loom knitting classes. She also tests patterns for designers and designs her own patterns.

Hogwarts House Scarf: Hufflepuff

Hufflepuff Scarf in the trapped bar design from years 3 and later

Hufflepuff Scarf in the trapped bar design from years 3 and later

Easy to Knit, Fun to Wear

Many iconic scenes from the Harry Potter movies include the Hogwarts students wearing winter coats and striped house scarves while walking through the snow. The first two movies featured scarves with wide stripes in two colors, reflecting the colors of each of the four houses. From the third movie on, the scarves were knit in a main color with a "trapped bar" pattern of two narrow stripes separated by a wider stripe of the main color.

Knitters who enjoyed the Harry Potter movies also created their own patterns out of a desire to copy the wonderful knitwear seen on the actors: Quidditch sweaters, Fair Isle sweaters, hats and mittens. Variations of the Hogwarts house scarf patterns abound, but I have provided links to some simple patterns that will get the needles moving. The classic pattern is knit as a tube on circular needles using only the knit stitch--a great project for a beginning knitter. One variation I enjoy is to knit the scarf in the same stripe patterns using 1x1 ribbing (K1,P1 ribbing) to make a scarf that is not quite as thick, but still cozy.

Fringe is essential for the authentic look from the movies. I sometimes skip the fringe, though, for a more tailored look. The early movie scarves have long fringe alternating both scarf colors. The later scarves have shorter fringe in the main color only.

If you live where winters are cold, a Harry Potter scarf can help keep you or a loved one cozy. These big, warm scarves are also great for charity knitting. The patterns are simple, so make some for a homeless shelter or a warm clothing drive.

Ravenclaw Scarves

Ravenclaw scarf in book colors of blue and bronze.

Ravenclaw scarf in book colors of blue and bronze.

Ravenclaw scarf in middle, with Hufflepuff scarf around them all

Ravenclaw scarf in middle, with Hufflepuff scarf around them all

Suggested Yarn Colors for the Hogwarts Houses

Here are the yarn colors I have found to be close approximations to those used in the movies. I have included several brands and both acrylic and washable wool yarns. You are welcome to use any yarn you like; I have even done a scarf in cotton yarn because our weather in North Carolina is often so mild.

Red Heart Super Saver Worsted:

  • Gryffindor: Burgundy or Ranch Red and Gold or Pumpkin
  • Hufflepuff: Gold or Bright Yellow and Black
  • Slytherin: Hunter Green and Grey Heather
  • Ravenclaw: Blue or Soft Navy and Grey Heather
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Lion Brand Wool-Ease:

  • Gryffindor: Cranberry and Gold
  • Hufflepuff: Gold and Black
  • Slytherin: Forest Green Heather and Grey Heather
  • Ravenclaw: Navy and Oxford Grey

I Love this Yarn-solids (Hobby Lobby):

  • Gryffindor: Cranberry and Sungold
  • Hufflepuff: Yellow or Buttercup and Black
  • Slytherin: Forest and Grey Beard
  • Ravenclaw: Dark Denim or Royal and Grey Beard

Cascade 220 Superwash:

  • Gryffindor: Maroon or Ruby and Daffodil or Golden
  • Hufflepuff: Lemon or Daffodil and Black
  • Slytherin: Hunter or Army Green and Silver Grey
  • Ravenclaw: Blue Velvet or Navy and Charcoal or Grey

One note about the house colors: in the books, Ravenclaw's colors are blue and bronze., while the colors are blue and grey in the movies. Some fans prefer their Ravenclaw scarves in the "book colors" and use a medium brown for the bronze. Either color scheme is classic and quite handsome.

Knitting Patterns Inspired by the Harry Potter Movies

All the House Colors from the Books

Cowl in House Colors

Cowl in House Colors

Choose Your House


Kimberly Schimmel (author) from North Carolina, USA on January 05, 2014:

I notice my knitting hubs are getting more hits in this cold snap. Keep warm, everybody, and knit lots of scarves and hats!

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