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Wooden Toys

Anna is a crafter, sculptor, painter, miniaturist, props magician, soap maker, animator, production/ events, and interior designer.

Why not try to build your own wooden toys?

Why not? Making wooden toys is not too complicated, and you might already have materials to use already in your home.

If we talk about going back to the basics in terms of toys, hand made, or hand-carved wooden toys came to mind. Creating different shapes and objects is possible as long as one has enough patience, tools, and time. Numerous materials can be found everywhere. Our favorite material to use is old wine boxes, pallets, and leftover lumber.

Inspiration for designs can come anywhere, from vehicles to people to aliens. You can even create large scale toys like dollhouses or themed playhouses. The possibilities are endless. Get your kids involved as well. From the planning stage to assist you in the build. Simple tasks such as sandpapering the wood or painting would be a wonderful project for them. Not only do they learn woodworking, measuring, and building, they also get to spend quality time with you.

Customizing these wooden toys are also part of the fun. There is just something about making and personalizing toys that make them more special for those who would play with them. Sure, store-bought ones may look more polished and trendy, but receiving handmade wooden toys will make you feel important and loved!


Wooden Toys

Collecting toys is not just for kids. In this article, I am featuring a toy collection made from old wine boxes and scrap wood. Wine boxes are easy to source, and its planks are thin and easy to cut. So they are ideal for making these types of toys. Old wooden posts and all sorts of leftover wood from previous projects were used for these wooden toys. You can also create your own wooden toy collection using materials around you.

In this article, you will see :

  • Aliens and spaceships
  • Animals
  • Marine animals
  • Dinosaurs
  • Cars, Jeeps, and Trucks
  • F1 Car
  • Printed Wine Box Car
  • Aircrafts
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Titanic
  • Boats- paddleboats, pump boats, sailboats
  • Trucks
  • Trains
  • Ice cream truck and booth
  • Materials and workshop

Aliens, Rocket Ships and Robots

This Alien spaceship was made with Wine boxes and reclaimed wood posts. One of the posts was square, and the other was round.

  • To make the rocket ship itself, the wooden post was cut to size and hollowed out using a drill.
  • The top was made into a cone shape, and a hinged door was added, together with some fins and ladders.
  • The robots and aliens were carved out from flat and round pieces of scrap wood.
  • This is undoubtedly a fun project because much can be added to it. If you would like to make this yourself, not only can you make more robots and aliens, you can also create an entire environment to compliment it. Maybe add some moon craters, rovers, or a few planets and stars.

Paddle Boat Toys

These wooden paddleboats are so much fun to make. It's actually seaworthy! Not only does it float, but once you attach a rubber band onto the circular axis of the roller and the side of the boat and crank it, once released into the water, it would propel forward. These wooden boats are usually multi-tiered and have a lot of components.

For this, we used:

  • a wine box
  • wooden mop handle
  • dowels
  • rubber bands

Big Truck Toys

These are some of the very early toys that were made. They also double as toy caddies for the smaller toy pieces. Wine boxes were used for this project and a hole drill bit to shape the truck's wheels. These were sanded down after. They were all put together and painted with acrylic paint.


Titanic Toy

The Titanic used a scrap 2"x3" lumber, cut to size, carved the front and back, and sanded. Dowels were used to make the funnels. This wooden Titanic toy is 14 inches in length and 6 inches in height. It's a must in any collection since it is one of the most iconic ships in history.


Cars, Jeeps and Trucks

Cars are the most straightforward 3D toys to build. They are easy to put together and can come in a variety of models and sizes. Again, inspired by another Disney character, Mater tow truck was put together. All the wheels were also made with a hole saw. If you try to make these, add some accessories like a steering wheel and chairs.


Wooden Trains

Wooden trains are always a must when building your wooden toy collection because you can easily add on cars in the future. With this project, we used wine boxes, dowels, and an old curtain rod. Some of the trains were painted with acrylic paint, and all of the components were made sure to latch on to each other.


Flatbed Truck Wooden Toy

Finding the best way to transport the wooden toy cars is a challenge, so a flatbed truck can also do the job aside from the trains. This is another cute project that allows components to be interchanged with other wooden toys.


Heavy Equipment Toys

Experimenting with shapes is a must for these toys. To create the cement mixer wooden toy drum, a piece of scrap 2"x 3" lumber is needed. A geometric shape pattern is sanded into the drum. That was not easy to do, but it needs something unique other than just a plain cylindrical drum.

For the tractor, a metal John Deere model toy was used as a guide. This wooden one almost has the same dimensions as the metal toy.



This is just about experimenting with shapes. It is possible to make helicopters, airplanes, jet planes, biplanes, and so much more with all the scrap box panels. Dowels are also frequently used in these wooden toy projects, and old mop handles for other parts.


Printed Toy Cars

This car is my favorite car from the collection. The wine box panel's front side was used, and it showed off the box's print. It turned out quite lovely. The printed side of wine boxes can also make other types of furniture like side tables, drawer covers, and wall coverings or panels, not just wooden toys. Wine boxes are so beautiful and can be turned into any decoration.


Tanks and Battleship

These wooden toys are also some of our favorite pieces. The tank's head moves 360 degrees, as well as the battle ship's canons. These are not complicated to make, so it is easy to crank out many different kinds and models that would make up the "war division" of your collection.


Wooden Boats

These wooden boats may look simple, but lots of adjustments were needed to make the hull. Once they were finished, a few accessories were added, like sails and outriggers.


Tug Boat and Barge

Again, these are seaworthy pieces and can float on water. These also double as toy caddies where smaller toy pieces can be stored. Just lift the top and pop it right back in.


Cars with Human Figures

These are some cars with people sitting in them. These human figures are fixed onto the wooden cars.


F1 Car

No car collection is complete without a race car series. This is the F1 wooden car. If you plan to make this, you can also create a race track and a pitstop to complete the set


Ice Cream Truck and Cart

Who doesn't like Ice cream? You, too, can create your own wooden ice cream truck, and to make things a bit more fun, try adding some ice cream cones to display on the side.


Animals, Marine Mammals and Dinosaurs

Animal figures are a great way to experiment with shapes. Here are several wooden toy marine animals, mammals, birds, and even dinosaurs. These pieces can provide entertainment hours for the kids and save you a lot of money because you would not need to buy any of their plastic counterparts.


Storage and Display

Committing to creating a toy collection also means committing to giving it enough space. Several shelving units are needed to house these custom wooden toys. But, by displaying them, you can revel in all the pieces you have completed.


Materials and Workshop

Lastly, here is the workshop and all the materials used to make all of these toys. My suggestion for starting your own collection is never to throw away wood. You never know what kinds of projects you can come up with.


© 2020 Anna Javier


Nikki Avail from Florida on September 15, 2020:

These are so fascinating

Danny from India on September 13, 2020:

Artistic expressions of wooden art forms.

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